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Sewage and Plumbing

BLOCKBUSTER 2 -20lb 9" x 6 1/2" blocks per case
Extra Heavy-Duty Industrial Deodorant Block
BLOCKBUSTER is made from pure, long-lasting paradichlorobenzene that has been saturated with the finest liquid deodorants available and fights odors for up to 14 weeks. Every block is 100% deodorant and is individually wrapped. BLOCKBUSTER is specially formulated for deodorizing sewers, elevator shafts, dumpster areas, garbage collection areas, industrial plants, waste water treatment facilities and anywhere a strong, undesirable odor needs to be eliminated.
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All-Natural Degreaser
CITRA-SOLV is an all-natural, fast-acting degreaser. The product provides a continuous cleaning program for drain lines, grease traps, lift stations, sewage systems, wet wells and septic tanks. CITRA-SOLV is also ideal for general cleaning and degreasing, as it quickly emulsifies grease and leaves behind a fresh citrus scent.
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Heavy-Duty Drain Degreaser With Citrus Distillates
CITREX is a powerful blend of degreasers, deodorants, other solvents and a unique organic compound specifically formulated to be used in grease traps, drains, etc. This product continuously fights grease build-up and eliminates future blockages. It provides a pleasant citrus aroma to garbage cans and other sources of malodors. Regular use of CITREX will also eliminate suspended kitchen operations because of clogged grease traps.
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Heavy-Duty Citrus Degreaser
DESTROYER is a fast-acting, citrus-based grease solvent. This product provides a continuous cleaning program for drain lines, grease traps, lift stations, sewage systems, wet wells and septic tanks. It is lighter than water and provides a protective layer of grease-emulsifying ingredients on the water surface of the treatment area. DESTROYER liquefies grease and flushes it through the sewage system. It controls odors in drain lines, grease traps and lift stations. DESTROYER is safe to use and does not interfere with bacteria and enzyme systems. It disperses grease into fine particles which aids the bacterial action of normal biodegradation. This product may also be used to emulsify and remove grease from oven hoods, sink surfaces, grills and some floor surfaces. DESTROYER provides a deodorizing effect while leaving surfaces clean and fresh.
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DEVOUR 030lb(30 -1lb packs)
Waste Degrader
DEVOUR contains a synergistic blend of new bacterial strains which have been scientifically developed to combat compounds and chemicals present in waste water effluent. Unlike any other bio-formulation, DEVOUR contains bacterial strains which actually digest difficult compounds such as detergents, paper, oil, grease, hydrocarbons, phenols, etc. DEVOUR's formulation improves the performance of septic tanks, lagoons, activated sludge, trickling filters and water holding basins. These cultures provide the best protection you can buy for waste water applications. It is available in 25-pound containers or in 30 1-pound packets.
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Non-Acid Drain Opener
DISLODGE non-acid drain opener keeps drains flowing freely when used regularly. DISLODGE removes all organic obstructions, including grease, hair, coffee grounds, soap, sludge, rags, paper, food, etc., without dangerous fumes which other acid drain openers may produce.
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Liquid Sewer and Drain Solvent
DRAIN-X is a liquid sewer and drain solvent. DRAIN-X clears stoppage caused by grease, oil, fibers, sludge and organic matter in sewers, drains, traps, urinals and lavatories. Periodic use of DRAIN-X works as a preventative for clogged pipes.
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Water-Based Silicone Emulsion Defoamer
FOAM-X is a water-based silicone emulsion defoamer that is highly effective in controlling heavy foaming in water treatment and sewage treatment facilities and many other industrial areas. It breaks the surface tension of foam, making the walls of the bubbles thin and unstable, resulting in the prevention of this problem. FOAM-X is stable over a wide pH and temperature range, which makes it ideal for use under a variety of conditions and application areas. It will not disrupt settling or clarification processes, and it is non-polluting. FOAM-X is ideal for use in water treatment facilities, waste water treatment plants, industrial waste treatment facilities, golf courses, paper mills, other industrial process systems and anywhere foaming is a problem.
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Sewer Solvent
FORMULA 411 is a formulated sewer solvent designed to unclog and maintain sewer lines. It is used in both municipal and industrial plants. It contains a highly synergized metallic complex to give exceptional exothermic reaction. FORMULA 411 is a powerful chemcial compound for dissolving tree roots in sewer lines. Its reaction is due to a metallic activator allowing a higher peak temperature. FORMULA 411 dissolves grease and oil faster through chemical reaction. It attacks stoppages further on down the line and removes sludge, impediments, debris, paper, rags and sediments instantly.
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Porta-Toilet Liquid Bacteria and Deodorizer
H.S. BLUE is specifically designed to be used in porta-toilets and recreational vehicle restrooms to reduce suspended solids and eliminate odors with its pleasant cherry fragrance.  H.S. BLUE digests and liquefies organic waste, grease and food by-products.  This product easily eliminates odors by breaking down the molecular structure of odor sources.  Unlike conventional deodorizers, H.S. BLUE is not a perfume mask that covers up odors.  It has the unique ability to attack odor molecules and neutralize them.
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Bacterial Hard Surface Floor Cleaner/Drain Maintainer
LEMON-DROP is a liquid concentrate bacterial floor cleaner and drain maintainer that is ideal for use on hard grouted/tiled bathroom or kitchen floors. LEMON-DROP's effective biological cleaning system uses powerful surfactants to clean the surface immediately, while depositing bacteria into hard-to-reach areas of grout and tile to digest grease, oils, organics and fats that are embedded into tile and grout surfaces. The remaining LEMON-DROP solution can be emptied down floor or kitchen drain lines where it will act as a drain maintainer or grease trap treatment.
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Heavy-Duty Degreaser
MARAUDER rapidly removes asphalt and tar from equipment and tools. It is ideal for degreasing engines, engine parts, molds, dies and other industrial equipment. MARAUDER is excellent for degreasing small parts in dip operations as well. It may also be used as a grease slime eliminator for drain maintenance, grease traps and sewage treatment plants because it quickly dissolves grease and fats and controls odors.
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Petroleum Hydrocarbon Degrader
OIL-FOIL is specially formulated to break down hydrocarbon sludge in oil/water separators and to produce a cleaner effluent. The patented, live vegetative microbes contained in OIL-FOIL are capable of utilizing over ninety different organic compounds as their sole food source. These microbes work by attaching themselves to the hydrocarbon molecules in the oil/water separator, breaking the molecules down into carbon dioxide and water. OIL-FOIL's microbes reproduce themselves throughout the contaminated water, doubling and re-doubling their cell count until all of the available hydrocarbons have been consumed. The end result is water that previously was polluted with petroleum products is now "clean", with the majority of the hydrocarbon molecules converted to water and carbon dioxide. OIL-FOIL can reduce Chemical Oxygen Demand (C.O.D) by 97% and can reduce oil and grease (total petroleum hydrocarbons) by 75%, which should reduce the need for pumping up to 80%. OIL-FOIL is designed for use in oil/water separators, waste water holding tanks and drain lines.
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Cherry Fragrance Liquid Bacteria and Deodorizer
PURGE is a powerful, dual-action cherry fragrance liquid bacteria and deodorizer. It instantly removes sources of odors and digests and liquefies organic waste, grease and food by-products. Unlike conventional deodorizers, PURGE is not a perfume mask that covers up odors. It has the unique ability to attack odor molecules and neutralize them. PURGE may be used in nursing homes, schools, jails, apartment complexes, funeral homes, kennels, doctor offices and clinics, hospitals and industrial plants. It deodorizes all types of waste receptacles and refuse equipment, including RV and marine digesters, septic tanks, drain lines, dump stations and waste water treatment areas.
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Lift Station Renovator
PURSUIT-94 is a liquid suspension of bacterial spores combined with a multiple enzyme system for use as a lift station renovator. The enzymes begin to break up complex organic chemicals immediately upon addition to water, assisting bacterial action to rapidly digest organic waste. PURSUIT-94 removes organic build-up in lift stations and lines, diminishes suspended solids, reduces COD and BOD and eliminates sulfide and other obnoxious odors. It is designed for use in lift stations, but it may also be used in drain lines, grease traps, septic tanks, portable toilets and in waste water treatment plants.
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Thermo-Chemical Drain Line Maintainer and Opener
SEEK N' DESTROY is a citrus-scented granular product designed to clean and maintain drains. This thermo-chemical drain line maintainer and opener destroy the main cause of slow moving and blocked drains (hair, soap scum & slime). It eliminates other debris from becoming tangled, matted and trapped. SEEK N' DESTROY is recommended for showers, bathtubs, sinks, urinals, floor drains, drinking fountains, condensate drains and X-ray sinks.
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Enzymatic Grease Buster
SUPER VINDICATOR is a unique bacteria-free blend of proprietary agents which cut through and lift grease, oil and other hydrocarbons. SUPER VINDICATOR is used to remove petroleum distillates without emulsifying. It causes the release and separation of crude and refined oils, as well as hydrocarbons, at temperatures from near freezing to near boiling. This separation then allows the recovery, reuse, or disposal of the hydrocarbon components. Areas of use for this product include storage tanks, oil refineries, lift stations, hospitals, factories, septic systems, automotive repair shops, sand or mixed tertiary filters, waste water treatment plants, marine applications and steam cleaners.
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TRAP BLOCKS 12 -3oz. tablets per case
Grease Trap Blocks
Each TRAP BLOCK contains over 50 billion colony forming units that continuously digest grease (24 hours per day) to keep drain lines free flowing. TRAP BLOCKS contain five different anaerobic and aerobic enzyme strains that are specifically formulated to consume grease and keep drain lines free flowing. Used in tough fast food restaurant conditions, it eliminates the nasty smell of grease and costly service calls for clogged drains.
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Z-BLOX 1 -30lb block per case
Waste Digester Blocks
Z-BLOX are solid, bacterial-laden bricks used for degrading organic waste. Z-BLOX contains 4 billion colony forming units per gram to handle difficult organic problems. Each 30-pound Z-BLOX gradually dissolves over a 30-90 day period which provides for continuous treatment and degradation of waste. The naturally-occurring bacteria contained in each Z-BLOX reduces odor, sludge, fats, oils and grease build-up to improve overall plant waste management systems. It will keep grease traps, lift stations, wet wells, digestion ponds, lagoons, etc., clean and free from grease and scum.
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