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Sealants and Adhesives

A-BOND 12 -12oz. aerosol cans
All-Purpose Aerosol Adhesive
ATCO's A-BOND All-Purpose Spray Adhesive is a high-performance aerosol adhesive offering rapid setting and quick dry time. For both temporary or permanent bonding, ABOND is ideal for uneven or porous surfaces. It is waterproof, flexible, transparent and non-staining, and it can be used for the toughest adhesive applications with materials such as leather, cardboard, cloth and most plastics. A-BOND is formulated with the environment in mind, as it contains no chlorinated solvents or ozone depleters.
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EPOXY 2.0 one part a resin and part b hardener per kit
Structural Epoxy Adhesive
ATCO's EPOXY 2.0 Structural Epoxy Adhesive comes packaged as a 2-part resin and hardener, and when mixed, is designed for bridging large gaps, cracks and holes on horizontal and vertical surfaces quickly and easily. EPOXY 2.0 bonds to almost any application area, including aluminum, steel, concrete, porcelain, wood and many other metals and surfaces.  It is resistant to chemicals, including most acids and bases, cures in 16 hours and can be machined, taped, drilled, sanded or painted once a full cure is achieved in 24 hours.
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ETERNA-450 8oz. bottles (available by the case)
LV Black Silicone
ETERNA-450 is a 100% low volatile R.T.V. silicone industrial-strength sealant. It meets GM & OEM specifications, remains permanently flexible at temperatures from -85°F to +500°F and can be dispensed to make any size or shape gasket instantly. ETERNA-450 may be used on metal, glass, ceramics, wood, rubber and most plastics.
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ETERNA-600 8oz. bottles (available by the case)
High-Temperature Silicone Sealant
ETERNA-600 is a silicone sealant and adhesive that may be used on metal, glass, porcelain, ceramics, wood, rubber and most paint and plastics. As an instant gasket maker, this product replaces a wide range of cork, paper, asbestos, felt and metal gaskets. This product has excellent adhesion characteristics, high chemical resistance and will not sag or shrink. It withstands intermittent temperatures from -85°F to +500°F and pressures up to 350 psi. ETERNA-600 is virtually unaffected by chemical deterioration, extreme weather, temperature or aging. ETERNA-600 may be used on pumps high pressure pipe joints, oil and transmission pans, oil and water pumps, valve and timing chain covers, electric motors and electrical control boxes, gear boxes, compressors, machine covers, rigid flange assemblies and equipment housings.
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FLEX SEAL 6 -8oz. bottles per case
Silicone Caulker and Sealer
FLEX SEAL is a 100% R.T.V. silicone industrial-strength caulker and sealer. Its pressurized dispenser enables easy application in the toughest areas. FLEX SEAL remains permanently flexible at temperatures from -85°F to +500°F. It caulks around tubs, sinks, showers and plumbing fixtures and seals around windows, doors, tile, marble, etc. FLEX SEAL also bonds most materials, including glass, wood, metal, porcelain, rubber, plastic, marble and ceramics.
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LOCK-A-COMBO 3 -10ml bottles of each
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Medium-Strength Thread Locker
LOCK-A-NUT is a medium-strength, medium viscosity thread-locking compound designed for metal fasteners of up to 3/4" in diameter. Fast-cure and moderate chemical resistance.
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High-Strength Thread Locker
LOCK-A-STUD is a high-strength, low viscosity threadlocking compound designed for metal fasteners of up to 1" in diameter. Fast-cure and good chemical resistance.
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LOCK-DOWN 10 -1oz. bottles per case
Industrial Strength Super Glue
LOCK-DOWN industrial-strength super glue provides a superior bond in seconds. It can be used on a wide variety of surfaces, including plastics, wood, metals, glass, ceramics and rubber. LOCK-DOWN's set time is 5-10 seconds, and it meets the following specifications: Mil-A-46050C & AA-3097 Type II, Class 2.
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NOVA/FIVE 1 kit (each kit contains 1/2 gal. part a, 1/2 gal. part b and aggregate)
Epoxy Patching Compound
NOVA/FIVE is the latest technology in epoxy resin systems for patching and repairing hard surfaces. This material will stand up to brutal industrial conditions without chipping or wearing away. It will bond with miraculous strength and hold despite changes in temperature, constant impact or heavy abrasion. NOVA/FIVE bonds to almost any surface, including concrete, glass, wood, ceramic, and most metals, with a minimum of surface preparation. It may be used to repair concrete cracks and holes; join floors of unequal level and eliminate bumps; set concrete bolts and level machinery; provide anti-skid surface for stairs, ramps, floors and loading docks; re-surface badly damaged concrete and self-leveling floor topping; restore rotten wood; and saturate fiberglass cloth or mats for high-strength laminates. Once cured, NOVA/FIVE provides a surface stronger than the original. It will resist shock, abrasion, acids, caustics and solvents. New floors will require little or no maintenance, because the product cures to an extremely hard, non-porous surface. It is used by the following places of business: factories, hospitals, warehouses, truck terminals, parking garages, textile plants, animal care and storage facilities, sewage treatment plants or anywhere heavy-duty repair is needed.
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PEEL-N-SEAL 12 -3" x 6" patches per box
Fiberglass Reinforced Self Adhesive Repair Patch
PEEL-N-SEAL is perhaps the most versatile, easy-to-use, durable repair material in the world! Simply peel off the film to expose the sticky resin, apply it to the prepared surface needing repair and expose to sunlight or a UV light source. PEEL-N-SEAL will cure in about 10 minutes to a rock-hard, durable, corrosion resistant surface that can be sanded and painted or left as is. Additional sheets can be added for virtually unlimited strength! For use inside, an artificial UV light source will be required.
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POCKET POXY 12 -4oz. units per case
Epoxy Resin
POCKET POXY seals, mends, bonds and repairs almost anything in manufacturing plants, on job sites and in offices. POCKET POXY is comprised of a pre-measured, steel reinforced black strip of epoxy resin and a white strip of hardener packed in the same package. POCKET POXY will adhere to almost all surfaces, including wood, metal, masonry, glass, ceramic and most plastics. It comes packaged in a convenient pocket-sized tube that can be carried almost anywhere.
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SLIP-NOT 12 -12oz. aerosol cans
Slip-Resistant Texturized Epoxy Coating
SLIP-NOT is a slip-resistant epoxy coating that cures to a hard, flat, textured finish. It is designed for interior and exterior use on concrete, steel, wood, fiberglass, aluminum, tile, etc. SLIP-NOT is effective anywhere water stands or slippery conditions exist. It contains a synthetic grit with no sharp edges. SLIP-NOT is easy to apply, sets quickly and is long-lasting. It is ideal for schools, apartment buildings, nursing homes, hospitals, office complexes, restaurants, hotels and motels, warehouses and any other heavy-foot traffic areas. It's excellent for use on stairways and steps, hallways, walkways and most other hard surfaces.
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Stuck Up
Stuck Up 6 50ml cartridges per case
Epoxy Adhesive System
ATCO's STUCK UP is a two component 100% solids epoxy system using mercaptan technology. This system forms a bond that is often stronger than the materials being bonded. STUCK UP conforms to most uncontaminated surfaces and will generate handling strength in 5 minutes. Contact pressure is required to optimize the bond. STUCK UP is formulated to give quick fixture strength to a variety of substrates and is excellent in thin film applications. It bonds metal, glass, most plastics and many other dissimilar surfaces. STUCK UP has excellent resistance to moisture, chemicals and most solvents.  STUCK UP is designed to be used in ATCO's Epoxy Gun #9076.
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SUPER-SEAL 6 -8oz. bottles per case
Almond Silicone Caulk and Sealant
SUPER-SEAL is a 100% R.T.V. almond silicone industrial-strength caulker and sealer. Its pressurized dispenser enables easy application in the toughest areas. SUPER-SEAL remains permanently flexible at temperatures from -60°F to +500°F. It caulks around tubs, sinks, showers and plumbing fixtures and seals around windows, doors, tile, marble, etc. It also bonds most materials, similar or dissimilar (glass, wood, metal, porcelain, rubber, plastic, marble, ceramics, etc.). SUPER-SEAL is useful for sealing cracks in machinery, heating and ventilation duct work, plumbing fixtures, electrical connections and low pressure water and drain lines. It remains flexible and will not shrink, crack, crumble or dry out.
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TRANS-SEAL 6 -8oz. bottles per case
Clear Silicone Caulker and Sealer
TRANS-SEAL is a 100% R.T.V. silicone industrial-strength caulker and sealer which remains permanently flexible at temperatures from -85°F to +500°F. Its pressurized dispenser enables easy application. It caulks around windows, doors, drain pipes, machinery flanges, plumbing, electrical components, tubs, sinks, showers and plumbing fixtures and seals around tile, marble, etc. TRANS-SEAL bonds most materials, including glass, wood, metal, porcelain, rubber, plastic, marble and ceramics.
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