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Equipment and Accessories

Acid Brush

This is a sturdy plastic bristle brush. Construction is a foam plastic block 81/2" long. Brush face is 21/2" x 31/2".

Item #:
Aerosol Trigger Gun

A proven "must use" tool for anyone using any aerosol can. The AEROSOL TRIGGER GUN with safety lock turns any spray can into a spray gun. Sprays evenly and steadily in the right direction while keeping hands clean.

• Reusable
• Snaps on or off easily
• Eliminates finger fatigue.

Item #:
Airmatic Grease Gun

The pistol-style, single shot, air operated grease gun features a 50:1 ratio with air input range of 75 to 100 p.s.i. It includes spring primed, standard grease coupler and a bleeder valve. It uses a 14½ ounce cartridge or suction.

For use with most ATCO greases (tubes or bulk).

Item #:
ATCO Meter

The ATCO METER attaches to any standard faucet and dispenses a chemical and water mixture into the sink by the use of a sliding knob. The chemical dilution is determined by using metering tips or a metering screw.

Item #:
Auto Foaming Dispenser

ATCO's AUTO FOAMING DISPENSER is made exclusively for ATCO's FOAMACIDE. The dispenser system reduces cross-contamination in rest rooms and work areas with the touchless sensor. LED status lights up blue when activated and red when batteries are low.
It requires 6 AA batteries (included).

Item #:
Auto Meter Dispenser

ATCO's AUTO METER DISPENSER is used with ATCO's metered line of deodorants to control odors in rest rooms, break rooms, offices, locker rooms, or any place odor is a problem. It may also be used with ATCO's metered line of insecticides in a wide range of application areas to sanitize the air and rid establishments of insects. It comes equipped with a programmable spray setting, allowing a highly-concentrated spray of product each and every time throughout the duration of the day.

Item #:
Backpack Sprayer

The BACKPACK SPRAYER is a large capacity, professional-grade sprayer. It has well-padded shoulder straps to make it easy to carry.

Features include:
•    4-gallon capacity
•    Translucent tank with large opening and metal frame
•    Interchangeable pump arm for right or left hand pumping
•    Corrosion-resistant poly flow control with lock-on feature
•    Adjustable spray nozzle with flat fan and extra stream to mist
•    22-inch chemical resistant wand with industrial grade hose

Item #:
Bearing Packer 35 lb

BEARING PACKER 35 lb. is a portable packer for wheel bearings up to approximately 6 inches in diameter. It includes a filler pump, pail cover and follower plate. It fits containers size 5 through 6½ gallons.

For use with ATCO's bulk greases.

Item #:
Blend Station 1 GPM

The BLEND STATION's modular design lets you easily couple together any number of stations to create a system that meets your specific needs. It dispenses 1 GPM and is equipped with a backflow preventer.

Item #:
Bowl Mop

This is a synthetic fiber brush with a 12-inch long plastic handle designed for cleaning toilets or urinals.

Item #:
Clean Hands Auto Dispenser

This auto dispenser is designed for use with ATCO's 1,000 ML bag of CLEAN HANDS instant foaming hand sanitizer.

Item #:
Drain Chief Plus Digital Chemical Dispensers (Viton Tube, Super Tube)

ATCO's Drain Chief Plus is a digital chemical dispenser designed to deliver ATCO specialty maintenance products for drain control applications. This system can be in used in areas with wall A/C Power or in remote locations that require battery power. The pump output can be set up to 14 oz./minute. It has a low battery warning when using the Drain Chief Plus Battery Pack (requires 8 D-Cell Batteries).

Viton Tube #9107: For use with solvent based materials.
Replacement tube: #9109

Super Tube #9108: For use with water based materials.
Replacement tube: #9110

Item #:
9107 (Viton), 9108 (Super)
Drain Chief Plus Battery Pack

For use with #9107 and #9108 DRAIN CHIEF PLUS DIGITAL DISPENSING CHEMICAL PUMPS (Viton Tube, Super Tube).

Item #:
Deck Brush

This stiff, blue, plastic fiber deck brush has a wide block with one threaded and one tapered handle hole.

Item #:
DMP-6 Metering Pump

This is a control system for dispensing grease-dissolving chemicals. It helps grease traps, lift stations, drain lines, septic tanks and cesspools remain free of deposits by automatically dispensing the proper amount of chemicals at preset intervals. It helps to reduce maintenance costs and downtime by eliminating clogs, backups and odors.

#9055 DMP-6 For use with solvent-based materials.
Replacement tube: #9231 Viton Tube

#9056 DMP-80 For use with water-based materials.
Replacement tube: #9232 Super Tube

Item #:
DMP-80 Metering Pump

This is a control system for dispensing grease-dissolving chemicals. It helps grease traps, lift stations, drain lines, septic tanks and cesspools remain free of deposits by automatically dispensing the proper amount of chemicals at preset intervals. It helps to reduce maintenance costs and downtime by eliminating clogs, backups and odors.

#9056 DMP-80 For use with water-based materials.
Replacement tube: #9232 Super Tube

#9055 DMP-6 For use with solvent-based materials.
Replacement tube: #9231 Viton Tube

Item #:
DMP-162 Liquid Proportioner

The DMP-162 LIQUID PROPORTIONER is used for mixing, diluting and dispensing chemical products with water. Chemical is drawn from the original chemical container and the water-chemical mixture dispenses into open containers. Adjustment of chemical feed rate is done by the metering adjustment knob.
*Drum not included.

Item #:
Drip System

The DRIP SYSTEM is a dispenser that automatically dispenses odor counteractants into toilet bowls and urinals. A wick is used to transfer the fluid from the reservoir and out through the dispenser tubing into the toilet fixture. Flow rate may be adjusted to dispense 1 quart of fluid in 3 to 5 weeks. Made of tough, flexible and easy-to-clean polypropylene, the dispenser is molded into one piece and has no moving parts to provide years of trouble-free operation.

Item #:
Drum Dolly

This is a heavy-duty, band type dolly for 55-gallon drums. It has wide steel cross braces and hoop and is equipped with steel casters. Maximum load limit - 450 lbs.

Item #:
Drum Faucet

The DRUM FAUCET is an on/off valve that allows for the easy pouring of product from container.

Fits ¾-inch bung openings, including most bulk containers, and is designed to be used with ATCO's 5-gallon HED PACK.

Item #:
Drum Wrench

The universal DRUM WRENCH can be used for either plastic or metal drum bungs. The DRUM WRENCH is lightweight and durable and is made of aluminum construction which permits use with hazardous materials.

Item #:
Dyna-Fog Hurricane

Electric Portable Aerosol Applicator (ULV/Mister)The Dyna-Fog Hurricane is capable of dispensing disinfectants, deodorizers, germicides and insecticides.  It may be used in hospitals, restaurants, warehouses, nursing homes, schools, greenhouses and other institutions.  With an adjustable output of 0-4.5 gallons per hour, this versatile unit gives you the power to handle both large and small areas - wherever aerosol particle chemical treatment is needed.

Features include: 3 precision nozzles for greater output capacity; stainless steel metering valve which allows for easy control of output and droplet size; fill cap with tether; a translucent 1-gallon polyethylene tank which allows instant and easy chemical level indication; and an adjustable tilt-locking knob.

Item #:
Foamacide Bracket

This bracket is a wall-mounted bracket for use with #3565 FOAMACIDE bottle.

Item #:
Foamacide Wall Dispenser

The FOAMACIDE WALL DISPENSER is designed for use with ATCO's 1,000 ML bag of FOAMACIDE foaming antibacterial hand soap. This durable dispenser features a large, easy-to-use push pad located at the top of the dispenser, allowing the user to see the amount of FOAMACIDE/SANI-FOAM being dispensed into their hand and reducing waste caused by over-use. The FOAMACIDE WALL DISPENSER requires one hand and less than 5 lbs. of pressure to dispense product.

Item #:
Fresh-N-Ups Cabinet

To be used with ATCO's FRESH-N-UPS Air Fresheners -

Cotton Blossom, Cucumber Melon, Honeysuckle and Mango

Item #:
Gallon Pump

This pump fits standard 1 gallon plastic containers. It can be used with mild acids, light oils, water-based fluids and other materials that are non-corrosive.

Item #:
Get With It Dispenser

The GET WITH IT DISPENSER is a soap dispenser system for use with ATCO's WITH hand soap.

This dispenser has the following features and benefits:

• Easy, quick-changing, no-mess refill tank empties 100% - NO WASTE
• Reservoir back-up allows reloading at user's convenience
• Time-tested, heavy-duty pump mechanism
• See-through window indicates when refill should be changed
• Snap-in/snap-out features lock reservoir and refill tank in place

*Bottle not included.

Item #:
Gilmour Foamer

The GILMOUR FOAMER can be used to clean industrial equipment, engines, trucks, floors, walls and windows. It has two functions (1) It siphons and sprays concentrated or diluted liquids such as degreasers, cleaners, solvents, light coatings, strippers and most other liquid chemicals or (2) It attaches to a standard water hose (hot or cold water) to wash away loosened grease, dirt, sludge and oil.
The multi-ratio stem gives you five settings so you can adjust the dilution ratio of your shampoo.

Item #:
Glove Rack

The Glove Rack is designed to hold one box of ATCO's Disposable Black Nitrile Gloves. It has a sturdy, white, wire frame for long-term use and comes with easy to install hardware.

Item #:
Grease Gun

This is a hand operated, cartridge loaded grease gun. For use with most ATCO grease tubes.

Item #:
Grease Pistol

The GREASE PISTOL is a zinc plated and spring primed pump dispenser. It may be filled by a 14½ ounce grease cartridge, filler pump or suction. It is also equipped with a 12-inch flex hose.

For use with most ATCO greases (tubes or bulk).

Item #:
Grout Brush

The GROUT BRUSH is a sturdy, plastic-handled, plastic bristle brush.

Item #:
Hand Soap Pump

The HAND SOAP PUMP, 4000 ML, Disposable can be used for both CHERRY EXPLOSION and WITH.

Item #:
Hed-Pak Complete

The HED PACK is a 5 gallon bulk storage container and dispenser for all dilutable products. Pour concentrate in container and fill the balance of the bulk container with water per product dilution instructions. Shake or mix the product and place the unit on shelf. Fill empty quart bottles with properly diluted product. It provides maximum efficiency at an affordable price.

Item #:
Junior Pump-Up Sprayer

The JUNIOR PUMP-UP SPRAYER is a durable plastic pump that comes equipped with a metal pump and plunger and a lock valve that allows for continuous spraying of a material without having to manually hold down the lever. It has an operating capacity of 48 oz. and comes with an adjustable and removable spraying tip.

Item #:
Lamb's Wool Applicator

The LAMB'S WOOL APPLICATOR is a synthetic wool colored material on hardwood blocks with a wing-nut assembly. It comes with 5' lacquered hardwood handle.

Item #:
Liquid Proportioner

The LIQUID PROPORTIONER provides accurate measurement and eliminates waste of chemical products. Ideal for measuring concentrates such as disinfectants, liquid drain cleaners, detergents, etc., in ounce or cc calibrations. It fits plastic quart bottles.

*Bottle not included.

Item #:
Lube Adapter 80 lb

The LUBE ADAPTER fits most popular grease guns for filling with a gun filler pump.

Item #:
Lube Air Pump II 35 lb

The LUBE AIR PUMP II is an air operated chassis lube system.

Specifications include:

• Heavy-duty 55:1 ratio

• Air pressure 70-100 PSI

•Grease outlet 1/4" NPT. Fits 35-50 lb. pail

• Includes 6 ft. high pressure grease hose (1806)

• Tube length 17 3/4"

• Drum adapter 2" NPT 1 5/32" tall

• Pump tube diameter 15/32"

• Approximate capacity 2.2 lbs./min free flow with 100 psi air pressure and grease at 68°F 1.3 lbs./min through 33 feet of 1/4" hose and grease control handle

Item #:
Maxi Loader 120 lb
This loader fits 120-pound full open head containers. It includes pump, drum cover and loader nipple.
Item #:
Maxi Loader 35 lb
This loader fits 35-pound full open head containers. It includes pump, container cover with follower plate and gasket and one loader nipple.
Item #:
Maximo Rover 120 lb
The MAXIMO ROVER is an air operated grease pump. It has a 60:1 ratio, with portable chassis pump for 120-pound full open head containers. It includes pump, cover, air motor, oilers, air coupler, 6-foot high pressure hose, "Z" swivel, control handle, follower plate and drum dolly
Item #:
Metal Lift Pump
The METAL LIFT PUMP dispenses 16 oz. per stroke. It fits 20, 35 and 55 gallon drums and is self priming.
Item #:
Pail Pump
The PAIL PUMP is for use with 1 to 5 gallon containers to dispense product. The tube length is 14½ inches.
Item #:
Paint Marking Wand

The PAINT MARKING WAND is a hand-held wand designed to be used with ATCO's LINE UP water-based utility marking paint. The wand comes with a detachable wheel.

*Paint not included.

Item #:
Palms-Pak Dispenser

ATCO's PALMS-PAK DISPENSER offers a metered push-bar operation which helps to cut product waste and cost. It is constructed of tough, high-impact ABS material and offers quick and easy pressure sensitive mounting. The PALMS-PAK DISPENSER will not pull away from the mounting surface like pull-type

For use with MANGO MAGIC.

Item #:
Plastic Drum Pump

The PLASTIC DRUM PUMP dispenses 8 oz. per stroke. It fits 20, 35 and 55 gallon drums.

Safe for corrosive liquids.

Item #:
Plastic Siphon Pump

The PLASTIC SIPHON PUMP is for use with 35 or 55 gallon drums.

Safe for corrosive liquids.

Item #:
Poly V Sprayer

The Poly V Sprayer is a clear translucent industrial-strength sprayer equipped with a heavy spray gun and spray wand and a reinforced chemical-resistant hose and includes 2 nozzles - a fan nozzle and adjustable pin stream nozzle.

Suggested applications: Commercial Cleaners (including solvent based, except chlorinated solvents), Degreasers, Oils, Stain Removal, Waterproofing. The specifications are: • 2 gallon operating capacity • Funnel top for easier filling • Chemical and corrosion resistant polyethylene • Shut-off with lock-on/off feature • Lightweight chemical and corrosion resistant tank • Polyethylene supply tube • 38 inch chemical resistant hose • 14 inch brass spray wand • Fully adjustable spray nozzles that transitions from fine mist to full stream.

NOTE: Do not use gasoline,flammable liquids or caustic alkalis in sprayer. If using with bleach completely clean all parts immediately after use.

Item #:
Pro Pump 6 1/2

The PRO PUMP fits open head containers up to 6½ gallons. It includes pump, container cover and 4 feet of clear vinyl hose with curved discharge.

Item #:
Pro Pump 55 Gallon

The PRO PUMP fits 20, 35 and 55 gallon containers with a 2-inch bung opening. It includes pump, bung adapter and 5 feet of clear vinyl hose with curved
discharge nozzle.

Item #:
Rechargeable Grease Gun

The 19.2-Volt Rechargeable Grease Gun is a powerful tool for any place of work or business, generating up to 8,500 psi of operating pressure.  The battery recharges in only one hour and lasts long enough to dispense up to three tubes of grease.  It's ideal for hard-to-reach fittings (30-inch flexible hose with spring guard), and it relieves worker fatigue and speeds up routine maintenance.  

The Rechargeable Grease Gun can be loaded by grease cartridge or by suction.  It comes complete with a heavy-duty carrying case, one 19.2-volt lithium battery and charger.
Item #:
Safety Glasses

Safety glasses with black frame and indoor-outdoor lens meet ANSI Z87 1-2003 specifications.

Item #:
Scouring Sponges (Box of 5)
These are medium-duty scouring sponges. Yellow sponge/green pad.
Item #:
Sealed Bearing Lubricator
This is a needle injection lubricator for greasing sealed bearings. It injects a shot of grease by inserting the needle under or through the seal. It can be used with any grease gun by using the pistol hose with the sealed bearing lubricator. It is used to lubricate bearings that become noisy, run dry or are damaged.
Item #:
Spritz Matic

The SPRITZ MATIC is a motorized deodorant wall cabinet and fan. It accommodates gels, liquids and deodorants. It is 100% polypropylene, with modern styling and has a unique hinge and locking device.

For use with the following ATCO products: Disc-O-Cherry, Morning Dew, Air Bags and Berry Bags.

Item #:
Sure Shot Sprayer

The SURE SHOT SPRAYER is an alternative to aerosols. This sprayer is designed to spray almost any light liquid, including lubricants up to 10 SAE, cutting oils, pesticides and herbicides, sealants and solvents. Bulk chemicals are far more economical than aerosols, and the SURE SHOT SPRAYER places the economy of bulk liquids into a portable sprayer. It can spray any place you use an aerosol, plus many areas where you cannot. Nozzle attachments produce coarse, general purpose, fine and extra fine mist. It is constructed of rugged, heavy-duty steel and is rated up to 200 psi. with a 24 oz. capacity.

Item #:
Tiger Grip Orange Nitrile Gloves
Tiger Grip Orange Nitrile Gloves 3794 (large) 100-8 mil gloves per box
Orange Nitrile Gloves - 8 Mil
Tiger Grip Orange Nitrile Gloves possess 8 mil thickness and are designed with a raised diamond texture for exceptional wet or dry grip.  These gloves offer superior quality, a great fit for hands and heavy-duty protection.  Their hi-visibility orange color can easily be seen in dark work areas. Available in Large (100 gloves/box), XL (90 gloves/box) and 2XL (90 gloves/box).
Item #:
3794 (Large)
Traffic Marking Machine

ATCO's TRAFFIC MARKING MACHINE is designed exclusively for use with
RE-MARKABLE Traffic Paints. This easy-to-use walk behind machine applies crisp
2" to 4" lines to concrete or asphalt.

*ATCO paint not included.

Item #:
Trig Sprayer Head, High Output
Item #:
Trig Sprayer Head, Quart
Item #: