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Building Maintenance

Driveway Patching Compound
APC-II is a bituminous patching material that can be applied directly from the container in any kind of weather. It is self-bonding, requires no heating or mixing and sets by ordinary compression. Special adhesives in APC-II enable it to adhere to wet or dry surfaces, and it also can be applied in either sub-freezing or extremely hot temperatures. APC II is used to patch and repair outdoor asphalt and concrete pavements, including driveways, walkways, parking lots, roads, airports and loading docks.
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Paint and Varnish Remover
ATCO-STRIP II is a gel-type paint and varnish stripper. It has a strong, hard-working, fast-acting, Alkaline formulation that works on lacquers, enamels, shellacs and acrylics. Works in minutes with visible action. Surface can then be scraped or flushed off with water.
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Clean-Up Formulation
ATOX is a powerful concentrated surface renovator. It quickly penetrates to break up lime deposits, scale, rust, stains, mineral sediments and scum. ATOX provides a powerful, rapidly penetrating cleaning action without the fuming, excessive corrosion and handling of concentrated muriatic acid. ATOX saves time and labor because it effectively dissolves insoluble films and deposits that would normally require scraping, chipping or brushing. ATOX may be used in the construction industry to remove cement from metal doors, cement mixers, cement forms, machinery and metal stairs. ATOX is safe on most metals, including copper, brass, aluminum and painted surfaces when properly diluted. Stains and discolorations on copper and brass tubing disappear with one application of ATOX. It may be used full strength to remove scale from metal parts and equipment. It should be diluted when removing mortar, insoluble carbonates, oxides and the like.
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BLACK NITRILE DISPOSABLE GLOVES 3784 (large) 100-6mil gloves per box
Black Nitrile Disposable Gloves (6mil)
ATCO's Black Nitrile Disposable Gloves are non-sterile, latex & powder free and are ideal for industrial applications. Our Black Nitrile Disposable Gloves are available in large and extra-large sizes and come 100 6mil gloves per box.
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3784 (Large)
BLAST-OFF II 12 - 20 oz. aerosol cans
Energized Electrical Equipment Cleaner
BLAST-OFF II Energized Electrical Equipment Cleaner is formulated for removing grease, grime and dirt from highly sensitive energized electrical equipment, including electric motors, armatures, instrument controls, relays, gears, electric panels, generators and similar equipment. It also removes heavy grease and soils from transformers, motor or generator housings, power tools, printing presses, etc.  Its powerful blasting spray quickly and easily penetrates the toughest grease and grime, and it is non-conductive up to 32,000 volts.  BLAST-OFF II's formula is non-flammable and fast drying, and it leaves behind no messy residue on equipment. It also can be used on air conditioning, refrigeration and HVAC mechanical equipment.
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Ice machine Cleaner
CHILL-OUT contains powerful, yet safe and non-toxic ingredients which provides a total and complete cleaning of ice machines, while at the same time breaking down and dissolving scale and mineral deposits in a safe and economic manner. This product uses an acid-replacement technology coupled with powerful cleaning surfactants which are both completely non-toxic and non-hazardous. CHILL-OUT ice machine cleaner is ideal for use on all metals, including nickel.
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Electrical and Electronic Contact Cleaner

CIRCUIT-SAFE electrical and electronic contact cleaner is a rapidly evaporating aerosol spray that is specially formulated for removing oil, grease, condensation, dust and other particulate matter from sensitive electronic parts.  Its quick-drying formula leaves zero residue behind, and it will not harm most plastics, paints or rubbers.  CIRCUIT-SAFE is non-flammable and non-corrosive, and it has a 30,000 Volt Dielectric Strength.  It has been tested safe on the following surfaces: Neoprene, Buna, Silicone, Butyl and Natural Rubber, Nylon, Hypalon®, PTFE, PVC, Polyurethane, Polystyrene, Polyethylene, Polypropylene, Epoxy and ABS.



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Heavy-Duty Granular Concrete Cleaner
ATCO's CLEAN-CRETE is a heavy-duty granular concrete cleaner designed for removal of dirt, grease and oil from concrete floors.  CLEAN-CRETE is non-dusting and is easily spread onto the area which must be cleaned.  Formulated to be hard working, CLEAN-CRETE may be used even on severely soiled floors with minimum effort. Its formula contains a mixture of alkaline detergents, dispersants, wetting agents, emulsifiers and grease-cutting solvents.  When used as directed, CLEAN-CRETE has a mildly abrasive action when scrubbed to provide deep cleaning of surfaces.  It is non-acid, free-rinsing and environmentally acceptable when washed to the drain and can be used in a wide range of fleet, automotive and industrial applications.  CLEAN-CRETE is a yellow-orange colored product that turns green when wetted on the floor.
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Non-Acid Concrete Remover
CONTREAT is a low pH concrete remover that performs like an acid. It has a similar pH and pKa value to hydrochloric acid but is non-fuming, non-corrosive to skin and metal (per DOT test protocols) and is DOT "Non Regulated". It is a unique 60% active organic salt that performs like hydrochloric acid, as well as many other acids. CONTREAT offers significant benefits with regard to handling, storage and worker safety versus hydrochloric acids and many other inorganic and organic acids. It is phosphate free and contains no volatile organic substances. The use of CONTREAT can lower formula costs, increase performance efficiency and provide workers with a safe alternative to acids. CONTREAT is a ready-to-use solution that rinses off with water. It can be used on cement mixers, cement trucks, cement forms, machinery, tools and wherever any unwanted cement is present.
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COOL-AID case of 6 containers/12 tablets per container
Condensate Drain Pan Treatment Tablets
ATCO's COOL-AID Condensate Drain Pan Treatment Tablets eliminate most of the extra maintenance problems caused by clogged condensate drain pans and drains such as odors, overflows and water damage. COOL-AID Condensate Drain Pan Treatment Tablets are easy to use, do not form any deposits in the pan or drain and are completely soluble. Each COOL-AID tablet is formulated to clean slime and scum, preventing the odors caused by these accumulations. One COOL-AID tablet treats a 5-ton A/C unit for 3 months.
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DISPEL 12 -16 oz. aerosol cans
De-Moisturant and Corrosion Inhibitor for Electrical Equipment
DISPEL is a moisture and corrosion inhibitor. It displaces moisture and prevents corrosion under severe operating conditions. This product contains a highly active blend of solvents and lubricants designed to penetrate, protect and preserve. DISPEL may be used anywhere moisture and humidity causes problems for electrical equipment. (Not to be sold in California)
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Cleaner, Duster, Polish and Protector
DUST-N-SHINE is a new generation aerosol cleaning, polishing and dusting aid. One quick application restores life to almost any surface. As a cleaner and polish, DUST-N-SHINE restores the luster to and enhances the beauty of all hard surface items. As a duster, the quick-penetrating foam can be used with a mop or cloth to attract dust, dirt and lint. DUST-N-SHINE is ideal for counter tops, marble, paneling, formica, plastic laminants, baked enamel finishes, vinyl, porcelain, tile and simulated wood. (Not to be sold in California)
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Heavy-Duty Defoamer
EVAP-O-FOAM is a concentrated blend of anti-foam agents formulated for fast elimination of foam generated during industrial operations. It's effective on foaming problems in cooling towers, boilers, air washers, sewage treatment facilities, industrial waste treatment facilities, golf courses, paper mills, other industrial process systems and anywhere foaming is a problem.
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FLEX SEAL 6 -8oz. bottles per case
Silicone Caulker and Sealer
FLEX SEAL is a 100% R.T.V. silicone industrial-strength caulker and sealer. Its pressurized dispenser enables easy application in the toughest areas. FLEX SEAL remains permanently flexible at temperatures from -85°F to +500°F. It caulks around tubs, sinks, showers and plumbing fixtures and seals around windows, doors, tile, marble, etc. FLEX SEAL also bonds most materials, including glass, wood, metal, porcelain, rubber, plastic, marble and ceramics.
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Bathroom Renovator
GERM-AID is a concentrated toilet-urinal renovator that will effectively remove uric acid stains, porous lime deposits and discolorations. It is used to renovate all wash basins, tubs, porcelain urinals, shower stalls and toilet bowls. GERM-AID is used by hotels, motels, institutions, retail establishments and anywhere effective bathroom sanitation is important.
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Glass Cleaner
GLISTEN is a non-abrasive glass cleaner with a refreshing fragrance that leaves the area pleasant smelling. The unique formula quickly dissolves film and shines glass without streaking. Use GLISTEN on glass, mirrors, chrome, stainless steel, enamel painted surfaces, ceramic tile, formica, display cases and many other hard surfaces. GLISTEN is safe to use on most plastics, plexiglass and lexan.
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Ceramic Tile & Grout Renovator
GROUT RENEW removes discoloration, soil and germs from ceramic tile and restores original color to grout joints. Unlike surface cleaners and abrasives, GROUT RENEW penetrates into the pores of the grout and lifts out embedded soils and bacterial colonies and build-up from soaps, detergents, body oils and shampoos. GROUT RENEW is used in hospitals, motels and hotels, schools, offices, kitchens, bathrooms and anywhere tile and grout need renovation.
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GUM-GO 12 -7oz. aerosol cans
Gum Remover
GUM-GO is excellent for removing gum and candle wax from tables, chairs, floors and other surfaces. This product freezes and releases the adhesion of the gum for effortless removal, without the use of harsh chlorinated solvents. Spray GUM-GO directly at the point of adhesion between the gum and the surface until frost appears. In most cases, the gum will simply fall off by itself.
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Heavy-Duty Cleaner
JACK the STRIPPER is a heavy-duty cleaner in a gel base designed for quick & effective removal of soil and wax on floors, baseboards and wall tiles. Its thick gel formulation stays where sprayed and the white foam shows where the product is applied, eliminating running and guesswork. JACK the STRIPPER's upside down valve allows for easy application.
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LOCK-DOWN 10 -1oz. bottles per case
Industrial Strength Super Glue
LOCK-DOWN industrial-strength super glue provides a superior bond in seconds. It can be used on a wide variety of surfaces, including plastics, wood, metals, glass, ceramics and rubber. LOCK-DOWN's set time is 5-10 seconds, and it meets the following specifications: Mil-A-46050C & AA-3097 Type II, Class 2.
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NU-BRITE 12 -16oz. aerosol cans
Acoustical Tile Renovator (White)
NU-BRITE restores stained and discolored acoustical tile to a like-new condition. It eliminates the need for costly ceiling tile replacement. NU-BRITE does not affect acoustical properties. It is excellent for both smooth and rough surfaces. NU-BRITE will not cause warp or sag. Its coating is non-flammable when dry and does not change the fire rating of the tile on which it has been applied.
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PEEL-N-SEAL 12 -3" x 6" patches per box
Fiberglass Reinforced Self Adhesive Repair Patch
PEEL-N-SEAL is perhaps the most versatile, easy-to-use, durable repair material in the world! Simply peel off the film to expose the sticky resin, apply it to the prepared surface needing repair and expose to sunlight or a UV light source. PEEL-N-SEAL will cure in about 10 minutes to a rock-hard, durable, corrosion resistant surface that can be sanded and painted or left as is. Additional sheets can be added for virtually unlimited strength! For use inside, an artificial UV light source will be required.
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Fast-Setting Concrete Patching Material
POWER PATCH is a specially formulated, fast setting, cement-based concrete and masonry patching material that only requires the addition of potable water for mixing. POWER PATCH may be used for interior or exterior applications and above or below grade on vertical, horizontal and overhead surfaces without forms. After the initial set, POWER PATCH may be shaved to the contours of the surrounding area. POWER PATCH is used to repair concrete pipes, manholes, sidewalks, driveways, ceilings, walls, curbs and panels and expressways.
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Instant Hand Sanitizer

ATCO's Pro-San® Instant Hand Sanitizer kills 99.99% of most common germs, including MRSA, in as little as 15 seconds.  It is enhanced with skin moisturizers to keep hands soft, has a 62% Ethyl Alcohol-based formulation, and is designed to be used without water to keep hands free of bacteria between washings. Pro-San® is packaged 12 quart flip-top lid bottles of product per dozen quart container.  It also comes packaged with 12 4-ounce labeled and refillable bottles and 12 small pump sprayers to dispense product from these refillable bottles.


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SEE-THRU 6 -35 count 7" x 9" wipe containers per case
Glass Wipes
SEE-THRU glass wipes clean glass and make it shine in seconds! Each wipe removes dust, dirt, oil, grease, smudges, water spots, fingerprints and smoke film from any glass surface and leaves it with a dazzling shine. These wipes will not leave behind streaks or a sticky film to cloud visibility. SEE-THRU glass wipes are safe to use on just about every surface, including colored and tinted windows, mirrors, light fixtures, windshields, display cases, shower doors, glass tables, computer screens and plexiglass.
Item #:
SHINY 6 -40 count 7" x 11.25" wipe containers per case
Stainless Steel Polish & Cleaner Wipes
SHINY Stainless Steel Polish & Cleaner Wipes is especially formulated to quickly clean and polish all stainless steel surfaces. Each SHINY wipe contains a unique citrus-based formulation that reduces oxidation and corrosion. It also has a pleasant citrus smell. SHINY removes hard water stains and deposits, grease smudges, food residue and fingerprint smudges from virtually any stainless steel surface. While cleaning, SHINY's formula also brightens, polishes and protects the surface with a clear coating that acts as a protective shield.
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SLIP-NOT 12 -12oz. aerosol cans
Slip-Resistant Texturized Epoxy Coating
SLIP-NOT is a slip-resistant epoxy coating that cures to a hard, flat, textured finish. It is designed for interior and exterior use on concrete, steel, wood, fiberglass, aluminum, tile, etc. SLIP-NOT is effective anywhere water stands or slippery conditions exist. It contains a synthetic grit with no sharp edges. SLIP-NOT is easy to apply, sets quickly and is long-lasting. It is ideal for schools, apartment buildings, nursing homes, hospitals, office complexes, restaurants, hotels and motels, warehouses and any other heavy-foot traffic areas. It's excellent for use on stairways and steps, hallways, walkways and most other hard surfaces.
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Plastic and Glass Cleaner
SPARKLE is a high-foaming, non-abrasive glass and plastic cleaner with a refreshing fragrance that leaves the area pleasant smelling. The mildly ammoniated formula quickly dissolves film and shines glass without streaking. This aerosol product can be used on glass, mirrors, chrome, stainless steel, enamel, painted surfaces, ceramic tiles, formica, plastic display cases and many other hard surfaces.
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SS MAGIC 12 - 14.5 oz. aerosol cans
Finished Metal Renovator and Stainless Steel Cleaner
SS MAGIC is a renovator for stainless steel and other finished metals. It maintains a bright, spotlessly clean finish on stainless steel and most metal surfaces in kitchens, restaurants, offices, hospitals, hotels & motels, factories and in many other areas. It easily removes tough oil-based stains, as well as water spots, spills and soils of food origin. SS MAGIC polishes as it cleans, leaving a unique coating which resists further soiling, water marks and rusting.
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Stuck Up
Stuck Up 6 50ml cartridges per case
Epoxy Adhesive System
ATCO's STUCK UP is a two component 100% solids epoxy system using mercaptan technology. This system forms a bond that is often stronger than the materials being bonded. STUCK UP conforms to most uncontaminated surfaces and will generate handling strength in 5 minutes. Contact pressure is required to optimize the bond. STUCK UP is formulated to give quick fixture strength to a variety of substrates and is excellent in thin film applications. It bonds metal, glass, most plastics and many other dissimilar surfaces. STUCK UP has excellent resistance to moisture, chemicals and most solvents.  STUCK UP is designed to be used in ATCO's Epoxy Gun #9076.
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Stain and Mildew Cleaner
SUPER MILDOX is an effective stain and mildew cleaner that is ideal for use on tile, grout, shower curtains, windows, closets, walls and most anywhere mildew is a problem. SUPER MILDOX contains no muriatic acid and is safe on most surfaces. It cleans stains and mildew quickly, with little scrubbing.
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SUPER-SEAL 6 -8oz. bottles per case
Almond Silicone Caulk and Sealant
SUPER-SEAL is a 100% R.T.V. almond silicone industrial-strength caulker and sealer. Its pressurized dispenser enables easy application in the toughest areas. SUPER-SEAL remains permanently flexible at temperatures from -60°F to +500°F. It caulks around tubs, sinks, showers and plumbing fixtures and seals around windows, doors, tile, marble, etc. It also bonds most materials, similar or dissimilar (glass, wood, metal, porcelain, rubber, plastic, marble, ceramics, etc.). SUPER-SEAL is useful for sealing cracks in machinery, heating and ventilation duct work, plumbing fixtures, electrical connections and low pressure water and drain lines. It remains flexible and will not shrink, crack, crumble or dry out.
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Heavy-Duty Tar Remover
TAR-LESS is a fast-acting, citrus-based tar remover. It is outstanding for removing tar, heavy grease, oil, asphalt and bitumen from all types of vehicles, equipment and masonry surfaces such as brick, stone, concrete, etc. TAR-LESS contains citrus solvents that attack and emulsify tar, grease and oil, allowing for easier and quicker clean up of machinery, equipment and tools. Apply TAR-LESS by spraying or brushing on, and allow the product to penetrate until tar is soft. Follow up with a pressure wash of water to flush away deposits, or rub clean with a rag. For applications where light tar build-up has occurred, TAR-LESS may be diluted 3:8 with water. TAR-LESS may be used on vertical and horizontal surfaces. It is recommended for use on concrete, brick, masonry, metal, ceramic tile, aluminum, paving equipment, trucks, trailers, heavy construction equipment, tools, sidewalks, curbs and roofing.
Item #:
THE BUSTER 12 -15oz. aerosol cans
Super Penetrant and Lubricating Catalyst
THE BUSTER features a forceful jet spray and a powerful penetrating and lubricating catalyst which helps rapidly dissolve rust and corrosion to free frozen parts. It reduces friction and wear over a broad temperature range. THE BUSTER creeps and pulls itself up, around and into cracks and crevices and threads with powerful capillary action. This product is excellent to use on bearings, gears, relays, lug nuts, threaded parts, linkages, fasteners, pulleys, frozen nuts and bolts, locks, hinges, screws, clamps, tools, engine parts, motors, starters and generators. (Not to be sold in California)
Item #:
Mark and Stain Removing Pad
THE ERASER instantly removes marks and stains from walls, appliances, countertops, bathroom fixtures and countless other hard surfaces. It is especially effective on permanent marker, crayon, ink, graffiti, lipstick, scuff marks, fingerprints, luggage marks, tea, soap scum, coffee and wine stains. It also shines chrome, brass, copper and stainless steel.
Item #:
Mold & Mildew Cleaner
TILE-NU easily cuts through tough mold and mildew stains which can build up on bathroom tiles, grout, fiberglass, vinyl showers, sinks and toilets. Simply spray on TILE-NU and rinse with water! TILE-NU is ideal for kitchens, bathrooms, locker rooms, garbage cans and anywhere mold and mildew may form.
Item #:
T-N-T 8 -1 gal containers
Industrial Strength Tub and Tile Cleaner
T-n-T works quickly and effectively to remove calcium, rust and iron stains, and many other surface stains from glass, chrome, fiberglass, stainless steel, porcelain, cement, brick, stucco, tile and other application areas. T-n-T is also excellent for removing soap scum from tile, glass, porcelain and fiberglass. T-n-T offers significant benefits with regards to handling, storage and worker safety vs. hydrochloric acid and many other inorganic and organic acids. T-n-T dissolves stains on contact and returns surfaces to a like-new appearance.
Item #:
TRANS-SEAL 6 -8oz. bottles per case
Clear Silicone Caulker and Sealer
TRANS-SEAL is a 100% R.T.V. silicone industrial-strength caulker and sealer which remains permanently flexible at temperatures from -85°F to +500°F. Its pressurized dispenser enables easy application. It caulks around windows, doors, drain pipes, machinery flanges, plumbing, electrical components, tubs, sinks, showers and plumbing fixtures and seals around tile, marble, etc. TRANS-SEAL bonds most materials, including glass, wood, metal, porcelain, rubber, plastic, marble and ceramics.
Item #:
VANDEX 12 -15oz. aerosol cans
Vandalism Mark Remover
VANDEX is a unique vandalism mark remover which removes crayon, pencil, lipstick, memo ink, spray paint, fingerprints, stencil ink, scuff marks, scotch tape marks, ball point inks and masking tape. The gel formulation allows VANDEX to be applied to vertical surfaces. This product may be used on many surfaces, including fiberglass, brick, concrete, ceramic tile, aluminum, steel, brass, glass, chrome, enamels, varnishes, porcelain and formica. Areas of use for VANDEX include highway signs, public washrooms, school corridors, desk tops, elevators, vehicles, lockers, hallways, corridors, hotels and motels, housing authorities, jails, athletic departments and apartment complexes.
Item #:
VANGO II 6 - 40 count 7" x 11" wipe containers per case
Graffiti and Spray Paint Remover
VANGO II's graffiti and spray paint remover combines a high quality removal system with an absorbent, abrasive, non-scratching towel. This combination allows the towel to absorb and hold the residue without re-depositing the contaminants back onto the area being cleaned. Use VANGO II on any hard, non-porous surface, such as painted surfaces, signage, stainless steel, buses, subways and tabletops.
Item #:
Aerosol Dust Remover
WHIRLWIND is a high-pressure spray designed to remove foreign particles such as dust, dirt and lint from surfaces. This product is excellent for removing particles and dust from keyboards, printing mechanisms, disk drives, CPU housings and electronic parts. WHIRLWIND leaves no residue behind.
Item #:
WIPE OUT* 6 -50 count 7" x 10" wipe containers per case
Disinfecting/Deodorizing/Cleaning Wipes
WIPE OUT disinfecting/deodorizing/cleaning wipes contain a stable, low pH formula designed to effectively disinfect, deodorize and clean hard, non-porous surfaces such as stainless steel, formica, glass tables, carts, baskets, counters, cabinets and telephones. WIPE OUT is effective against Herpes Simplex Virus Type 2, HIV-1 (AIDS Virus), Influenza (A2, Japan), Methicillin Resistant Staphylococcus (MRSA) and Pandemic 2009 H1N1 influenza A virus (formerly called swine flu).  This product can also be used as a Virucidal/Bactericidal, Pseudomonicidal, Tuberculocidal and Fungicidal. (*EPA)
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