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Air Conditioning

From coil cleaners and air conditioning tablets, to microbiocide feeders and non-acid renovators, ATCO's line of air conditioning products enables customers to solve any air conditioning problems that might occur in a place of business.
Heavy Duty Rubberized Coating
ATCOTE is a rubberized, flexible and durable aerosol coating that seals, protects and insulates. It may be used to protect fenders, frames, fuel tanks, door panels, rocker panels, hoods and fire walls against moisture, road salt and corrosion. It is used to seal gutters, roofs, drain systems, driveway cracks, tree wounds, drip pans, metal sinks and electrical boxes. ATCOTE may also be used on wheel wells, auto frames, underbody rocker panels, as well as on heavy trucks, hoists, cranes and tractors. This product is also great for rain gutters, roofs, metal ducts and cracks in basement walls.
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Condenser Coil Renovator
CC-84 II's formulation contains special wetting agents that work to emulsify dirt and oil, chemically breaking it down so they can easily be removed. This unique formulation forces dirt and contamination to migrate outward from the center of the coil for easy rinsing. CC-84 II saves customers money by allowing air conditioning systems and units to run at maximum efficiency which reduces the amount of energy required for cooling. A regular maintenance program using CC-84 II will save expensive equipment replacement costs and downtime as well.
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Cleaner for Air Conditioning Coils
Self-rinsing COIL BRITE renovates air-conditioning chiller and cooler coils by utilizing natural condensation to flush away efficiency-robbing particles such as soil, grease, lint and other contaminants. Keeping coils clean with COIL BRITE helps to provide maximum heating and cooling efficiency without excess energy usage. COIL BRITE can be used to clean coils in place, indoors and out. It is widely used as a coil renovator and filter adhesive for cooling coils in wall units and remote cooling units in ceilings as well as refrigeration chiller coils.
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COIL-NU 12 -18oz. aerosol cans
Coil Cleaning Foam
 ATCO's COIL-NU Foaming Cooling Coil Cleaner is formulated to penetrate and remove dirt and matted material from condenser coils and fins, eliminating the need for high pressure sprayers and bulky tank sprayers. Upon contact with the surface of the coil, the foaming action of the product begins to remove the soil from the surface. Rinsing is not required. Dirt and lint are washed away with condensation, leaving the unit cleaned and deodorized.  COIL-NU is suited for use on most any coils, such as window air conditioners, roof top HVAC units, auto radiators, small air cooled equipment, small condenser and evaporator coils, metal filters, fan blades and more.
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COOL-AID case of 6 containers/12 tablets per container
Condensate Drain Pan Treatment Tablets
ATCO's COOL-AID Condensate Drain Pan Treatment Tablets eliminate most of the extra maintenance problems caused by clogged condensate drain pans and drains such as odors, overflows and water damage. COOL-AID Condensate Drain Pan Treatment Tablets are easy to use, do not form any deposits in the pan or drain and are completely soluble. Each COOL-AID tablet is formulated to clean slime and scum, preventing the odors caused by these accumulations. One COOL-AID tablet treats a 5-ton A/C unit for 3 months.
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CR 1-2-3
Foaming Non-Acid Coil Renovator
CR 1-2-3 is a highly concentrated foaming coil renovator. This product cleans and brightens aluminum coils. It is effective on both vertical and horizontal surfaces. CR 1-2-3 is widely used by air conditioning repair shops, apartment complexes, hotels/motels, industrial plants, nursing homes, institutions and any establishments which service air conditioning coils.
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Air Conditioning/Refrigeration Microbiocide Feeder
DISAPPEAR is a microbiocide strip enclosed in a mesh housing. It controls drain pan flooding by inhibiting the growth of hazardous bacteria. It also protects against corrosion and eliminates odor-causing slime and bacteria in pans and lines. DISAPPEAR combats a broad spectrum of harmful bacteria, including those causing the common cold and other respiratory ailments. DISAPPEAR is ideal for grocery display cases, beverage and grocery coolers, refrigerated vending machines, cool and cold storage walk-ins and especially A/C unit drip pans. One DISAPPEAR mesh strip treats up to a five-ton system. *(EPA)
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Foaming Evaporator Coil Cleaner & Disinfectant

SUPER COOL Evaporator Coil Cleaner & Disinfectant is a non-abrasive, one-step disinfectant cleaner for evaporator coils in small air conditioners, commercial air handling equipment, HVAC cooling coils and refrigeration equipment. It is a Virucide and Mildewstat (on hard inanimate surfaces). SUPER COOL kills Legionella Pneumophila and is effective via AOAC methodology against a wide variety of organisms. SUPER-COOL is EPA registered for HVAC applications. It controls mold and mildew, cleans and deodorizes and cuts grease and grime without scrubbing. There is no rinsing required with his product. *(EPA)

Coronavirus Disease 2019 (COVID-19) is caused by SARS-CoV-2. SUPER COOL Foaming Evaporator Coil Cleaner & Disinfectant, EPA Reg. 44446-23-13051, kills similar viruses and therefore can be used against SARS-CoV-2 when used in accordance with the directions for use against Canine Parvovirus on hard, non-porous surfaces. Refer to the CDC website for additional information.

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