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Winter Products

No-Stick Rock Salt Coating
BREAK UP is a highly concentrated antifreeze formulation designed to prevent water, ice, snow, sleet, or moisture from contacting road salt (calcium chloride) which absorbs moisture and subsequently hardens. This hardening prevents the road salt from freely flowing into the spreader for broadcasting upon the roadway. As absorption increases, the upper few feet of the bed load hardens and requires frequent and costly return trips to the shop to break up the hardened mass. BREAK UP, with its penetrants, will coat the road salt pellets to a depth sufficient to prevent hardening and allows for the continued spreading of the rock salt without interruption.
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ICE-GO 12 -12oz. aerosol cans
Aerosol Ice Melting Admixture
ICE-GO is the fast and effective way to solve many ice accumulation problems. It clears ice-coated windshields and windows. It also defrosts frozen car and trunk locks. ICE-GO melts ice instantly and will not harm a vehicle's finish.
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Ice-Melting Compounds
The super-fast thermal action of ICE-GO PELLETS melts ice quickly to solve any icing problems. It leaves behind no unsightly tracks on floors, carpet, tile, etc. ICE-GO PELLETS is easy to use; sprinkle pellets lightly over ice or snow and sweep away slush as soon as the melting process occurs. It is a "must" for walkways, driveways, ramps and stairways. ICE-GO PELLETS even gives instant traction when placed under car and truck wheels.
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Ice-Melting Admixture
MELTDOWN II is a specially formulated liquid which quickly cuts through ice formation, melts it and creates water. MELTDOWN II converts this water to "antifreeze" which further enhances the melting process. This unique formulation removes ice, snow and frost and also prevents re-freezing on windshields, windows, headlights, doors and car and truck bodies. MELTDOWN II will not harm paint, plexiglass, metal or rubber. It is ideal for use on school buses, rail cars, taxies, highway equipment, other service trucks and any surfaces which have been exposed to the elements for prolonged periods.
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Salt & Chloride Neutralizing Wash
NU-TRALIZE is a salt and chloride neutralizing wash that prevents rust and corrosion from forming on expensive deicing equipment. NU-TRALIZE quickly neutralizes and breaks up the "white salt film" that forms on machinery used in the distribution of ice-melting salts, extending the service life of this equipment.
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SNO-GO 12 -11oz. aerosol cans
All-Season Surface Repellent
SNO-GO all-season surface repellent is a specially formulated wax designed to keep snow, slush and ice from sticking to snow removal equipment, plows, snowmobiles, snowblowers, ski equipment, snow shovels and on many other application areas. SNO-GO can also be used on the underside of lawn mowers, weed eaters, hedge trimmers, rototillers and other lawn maintenance equipment to prevent grass clipping and dirt build-up, clogging and wear-and-tear. It helps blades stay sharper longer, making equipment last longer. SNO-GO also creates a barrier to protect metal, fiberglass, plastic and painted surfaces from build-up and damage.
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Windshield Cleaner and Antifreeze
ATCO's WINDSHIELD WASHER SOLVENT is a concentrated year-round windshield cleaner & antifreeze. It works in all washer unit types and provides clear, safe visibility in all kinds of weather, summer or winter. WINDSHIELD WASHER SOLVENT floats away road film, grime, dirt, oil, grease, bug spatter, wiper smear, salt, etc. It is harmless to car finishes when used as directed and protects down to -20°F.
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Protective Rust Coating
WINTER SENTRY is a ready-to-use, viscous mineral oil and proprietary rust inhibitor blend formulated to prevent corrosion and oxidation of metallic surfaces during storage or transport. It contains a special rust inhibitor and a blend of select oil seed feedstocks. WINTER SENTRY can be used on metals such as iron, steel, aluminum, brass, bronze and alloys. Application areas for this product include exposed pipes, machinery, construction equipment, rolling stock, sports equipment, sheet metal, water meters, snow plows, pipes or any metals which may be in storage for extended periods of time.
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