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ATCO International opened its doors on March 14, 1961 as the ambitious pursuit of Jerry Tillem. At the young age of 24, he carried the burden of business operations, product production and company sales until ATCO International was financially prepared to expand. Throughout the decades, ATCO International flourished with an emerging sales force, concentrating in specialty maintenance products, janitorial and sanitation supplies and greases and lubricants expanding sales into Canada, the Middle East and the Caribbean.

By the 90’s, ATCO International had reached its prime with a distinguished regional reputation as a company with a product line more comprehensive than most. Jerry then made a significant decision to start an inside sales force in order to further increase sales to the entire United States and Canada. ATCO International opened its first telephone sales department at its headquarters in Marietta, Georgia. After a decade of great success, the company opened two additional satellite offices in the greater Atlanta metropolitan area to further develop its customer base.

In addition, ATCO International has shifted its focus to various new areas in sales, product development and manufacturing, and continued improvements in customer service administrative support. Both inside and outside sales forces have expanded into the industrial and military markets, and in 2007, ATCO International launched a line of fasteners and hardware products to sell in conjunction with its maintenance products.

Most recently, a highly knowledgeable and experienced team of women persevere to lead ATCO International through modern progress that meets the standard and passion commensurate with the founder, Jerry Tillem. This team continues to manage ATCO International as a certified women-owned and operated business under the National Women’s Business Enterprise Certification. This certification has enabled the company to pursue previously unchartered markets.  ATCO International also provides prompt customer service and shipping with the assistance of a modernized internal Information Technology system.

Year by year, decade by decade, generation to generation, ATCO International has been able to reach new levels of prosperity. ATCO International’s focus persists with quality, excellence, integrity and commitment to both its customers and employees. Through the vision of Jerry Tillem, a successful privately held family business has clearly been achieved and continues to thrive.