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Floor Care

Floor care can be made easy with ATCO floor care products. Whether cleaning the carpet in a hotel conference center, sealing a factory floor, or buffing and polishing a surface for a high-gloss finish, ATCO has the perfect product for all floor care applications.
Labor Saving Wax and Floor Finish Remover
AMIGO's dual-stripping action quickly unlocks and easily removes multiple wax and finish layers with the use of scrubbing machines. AMIGO removes petroleum and carnauba-based floor waxes and also removes floor finishes, acrylics, metal cross-linked polymers and co-polymers. AMIGO is great for cutting wax build-up, grease, oil and dirt. It is effective in either hot or cold water and is safe to use on all floors not harmed by water, such as linoleum, tile, vinyl, asbestos, rubber, terrazzo and concrete.
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Clean-Up Formulation
ATOX is a powerful concentrated surface renovator. It quickly penetrates to break up lime deposits, scale, rust, stains, mineral sediments and scum. ATOX provides a powerful, rapidly penetrating cleaning action without the fuming, excessive corrosion and handling of concentrated muriatic acid. ATOX saves time and labor because it effectively dissolves insoluble films and deposits that would normally require scraping, chipping or brushing. ATOX may be used in the construction industry to remove cement from metal doors, cement mixers, cement forms, machinery and metal stairs. ATOX is safe on most metals, including copper, brass, aluminum and painted surfaces when properly diluted. Stains and discolorations on copper and brass tubing disappear with one application of ATOX. It may be used full strength to remove scale from metal parts and equipment. It should be diluted when removing mortar, insoluble carbonates, oxides and the like.
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Heavy-Duty Granular Concrete Cleaner
ATCO's CLEAN-CRETE is a heavy-duty granular concrete cleaner designed for removal of dirt, grease and oil from concrete floors.  CLEAN-CRETE is non-dusting and is easily spread onto the area which must be cleaned.  Formulated to be hard working, CLEAN-CRETE may be used even on severely soiled floors with minimum effort. Its formula contains a mixture of alkaline detergents, dispersants, wetting agents, emulsifiers and grease-cutting solvents.  When used as directed, CLEAN-CRETE has a mildly abrasive action when scrubbed to provide deep cleaning of surfaces.  It is non-acid, free-rinsing and environmentally acceptable when washed to the drain and can be used in a wide range of fleet, automotive and industrial applications.  CLEAN-CRETE is a yellow-orange colored product that turns green when wetted on the floor.
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Industrial-Strength Carpet Spot Remover
C-SPOT RUN is a broad-spectrum spot remover for carpets, fabrics, upholstery and laundry. It contains a special enzyme formula which effectively removes stains caused by greases, oil, water-soluble ink, grass, blood, vomit, coffee, tea, make-up, liquor, chocolate, milk, grass and other tough stains. This unique water-based product can be used to remove water-soluble and oil-soluble stains from carpet, fabrics, etc. Carpets and upholstery stay cleaner longer, as the formulation will not leave behind soil-attracting residues. C-SPOT RUN is ideal for all food and body oil stains that no other cleaning product can touch. With C-SPOT RUN, there is no harsh scrubbing required and no waiting for the cleaning action to begin. Use C-SPOT RUN for routine or emergency maintenance in hotels and motels, hospitals, office and institutional buildings and anywhere there is carpeting.
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Carpet Stain Remover
ERADICATE II is a powerful carpet stain and spot remover. It quickly saturates materials for instant cleaning and leaves no residue. Its upside down spray valve allows for easy application. ERADICATE II's stream spray concentrates the product on spots and stains without heavy overspray. It contains no solvents which might soften carpet backing. ERADICATE II also contains an odor neutralizer which destroys odors due to urine, vomit and blood through oxidation catalysis, leaving behind a pleasant fragrance.
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All-Purpose, Fast-Acting Enzymatic Cleaner
FAST FREDDIE is the ultimate solution to general cleaning problems. This all-purpose enzyme cleaner removes the most stubborn stains and soap film on walls, floors, bathtubs and tile surfaces. FAST FREDDIE is formulated with biodegradable surfactants and degreasers to safely clean without petroleum solvents, harsh caustics or toxic chemicals. It renders grease, oils, soap films and stubborn soils and stains water soluble with a unique blend of detergents and biological enzymes that are readily biodegradable. FAST FREDDIE may be used by factories, trucking companies, schools, office buildings, industrial plants, highway departments, on farm and road equipment, by maintenance operations, and in institutions, municipalities and printing plants. It may be used on clothes, carpet, upholstery, floors, walls, grease traps, drains, showers and shower curtains, urinals, toilets, sinks, cement, driveways, ovens and oven hoods, grout, tile, grills, kitchen cabinets, sidewalks, A/C drip pans, refrigerators, dumpsters and loading docks.
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High Performance Compound for High Speed Buffing
FRESH BUFF represents the latest in spray buffing technology, combining water-borne solvents and exclusive ATCO polymers to maintain durable, glossy and long-lasting floor finishes. At the same time, this buffing system provides malodor treatment with Royal Bluegrass fragrance. With all floor machines, FRESH BUFF's exclusive formula increases the shine and leaves "baked-on" durability to resist black marks and scuffing. FRESH BUFF extends the finish life of ATCO's STARSHINE polymer floor finish. FRESH BUFF may be used in hospitals, office and public buildings, retail stores, restaurants, schools and other facilities where floors are maintained by application of a spray buffing compound with buffing machines.
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Oxygenated Cleaner and Degreaser
GREEN CLEAN is an oxygenated cleaner and degreaser that is recognized by the EPA/Dfe as a "green" product. * It is ideal for use as a heavy-duty cleaner, degreaser, deodorizer and stain remover.  GREEN CLEAN contains environmentally preferred ingredients and contains no caustics or harmful solvents. It cleans and degrease in one easy step! GREEN CLEAN can be used on walls, floors, tile, vnyl upholstery, metal, porcelain, concrete and counter tops to remove grease, oil, grim, soap scum, lipstick, wax, food stains and dirt. GREEN CLEAN can also be used as an industrial carpet spotter and extractor. It works quickly on a number of stains, including coffee, soft drinks, dirt, juice and blood, among others. It effectively cleans carpets, while at the same time neutralizing odors. GREEN CLEAN is safe to use on most colors and surfaces and is ideal for high-traffic areas, as it leaves no soil-attracting residues behind. (EPA/Dfe certified Green Product)
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GUM-GO 12 -7oz. aerosol cans
Gum Remover
GUM-GO is excellent for removing gum and candle wax from tables, chairs, floors and other surfaces. This product freezes and releases the adhesion of the gum for effortless removal, without the use of harsh chlorinated solvents. Spray GUM-GO directly at the point of adhesion between the gum and the surface until frost appears. In most cases, the gum will simply fall off by itself.
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Heavy-Duty Cleaner
JACK the STRIPPER is a heavy-duty cleaner in a gel base designed for quick & effective removal of soil and wax on floors, baseboards and wall tiles. Its thick gel formulation stays where sprayed and the white foam shows where the product is applied, eliminating running and guesswork. JACK the STRIPPER's upside down valve allows for easy application.
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Bacterial Hard Surface Floor Cleaner/Drain Maintainer
LEMON-DROP is a liquid concentrate bacterial floor cleaner and drain maintainer that is ideal for use on hard grouted/tiled bathroom or kitchen floors. LEMON-DROP's effective biological cleaning system uses powerful surfactants to clean the surface immediately, while depositing bacteria into hard-to-reach areas of grout and tile to digest grease, oils, organics and fats that are embedded into tile and grout surfaces. The remaining LEMON-DROP solution can be emptied down floor or kitchen drain lines where it will act as a drain maintainer or grease trap treatment.
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Super Concentrated Neutral Cleaner
NC-76 will clean any surface that is not harmed by water. This product removes stubborn dirt and grime, yet it is mild enough to minimize the loss of gloss on waxed or polished surfaces. It extends the length of service between stripping and refinishing, thereby trimming labor and material costs. Painted surfaces such as walls and woodwork are cleaned without dulling or streaking
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Floor Sealer
PERMA-SEAL is a polyacrylate undercoat. It penetrates into every surface pore, effectively sealing and protecting the surface. PERMA-SEAL will protect new floors by preserving the surface from the softening, color-fading and bleeding effect of harsh industrial maintenance practices. It will stand up through not only routine maintenance, but multiple stripping operations as well. PERMA-SEAL offers a wax or polymer an ideal base to level and adhere to, thus giving greater gloss and ease of maintenance than on an unsealed surface. It not only prevents further deterioration and wear on floors, but it actually revives and brightens discolored and faded surfaces. It is used on vinyl, asphalt, rubber and linoleum.
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Liquid and Oil Sorbent
PICK-IT-UP liquid and oil sorbent exhibits outstanding performance in speed of sorbency, capacity, liquid retention and chemical compatibility. PICK-IT-UP quickly and easily absorbs liquids from any surface. It absorbs 10 to 12 times more liquid than traditional sorbents and is non-biodegradable, inert and insoluble in liquids. Simply sprinkle PICK-IT-UP on the spill, work it into the spill, and sweep it up. It meets EPA's requirements for landfill disposal and contains no harmful ingredients.
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Floor Stripper
Planet Green Floor Stripper is an aggressive low odor non-ammoniated wax stripper. It contains no phosphates, no butyl and no caustics. Planet Green Floor Stripper is excellent for use in hospitals and other areas where odor is a concern.
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Floor Wax
ATCO's Planet Green Floor Wax is based on the latest metal-free technology. It has a hard acrylic formulation, providing very high put-down gloss and good durability. It may be used with conventional low-speed or mop/recoat programs as well as with high speed burnishing equipment.
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Fast-Setting Concrete Patching Material
POWER PATCH is a specially formulated, fast setting, cement-based concrete and masonry patching material that only requires the addition of potable water for mixing. POWER PATCH may be used for interior or exterior applications and above or below grade on vertical, horizontal and overhead surfaces without forms. After the initial set, POWER PATCH may be shaved to the contours of the surrounding area. POWER PATCH is used to repair concrete pipes, manholes, sidewalks, driveways, ceilings, walls, curbs and panels and expressways.
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High-Gloss Durable Polymer Floor Finish
STARSHINE is a highly concentrated metal cross-linked polymer fortified for long-lasting durability. Because of a 18% solid content, depth of gloss and durability are excellent. STARSHINE has a high resistance to powdering, scratching, yellowing, scuffing and marking. STARSHINE is suitable for use on asphalt, concrete, rubber tile, vinyl tile, linoleum, terrazzo and all finished floors where a protective, high-gloss finish is desired.
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Industrial Carpet Extractor and Cleaner
X-TRACT industrial carpet extractor and cleaner works quickly on many stains, including coffee, soft drinks, dirt, juice and blood, etc. It effectively cleans carpets and simultaneously neutralizes odors. X-TRACT is safe to use on most colors and surfaces, returning carpets to a like-new appearance. X-TRACT is ideal for high-traffic areas because it leaves no soil-attracting residues behind. Places of use for X-TRACT include hotels and motels, office buildings, municipalities, nursing homes, schools or anywhere stains are present. X-TRACT may be used in hot water extraction machines, as well as with bonnet cleaning methods.
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