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APOCALYPSE* 12 -16.5oz. aerosol cans
Weed Killer Spray
APOCALYPSE is an EPA registered aerosol weed killer spray. It contains a combination of 2,4-D and Bromacil to provide rapid knockdown and kill of all weeds and unwanted vegetation. APOCALYPSE may be used to kill weeds which interfere with drainage, create a fire hazard or cause an unsightly appearance. In addition, APOCALYPSE contains a soil sterilant which will control weeds up to one year. It is used to control Johnson Grass, Crabgrass, Foxtail, Barnyard Grass, Lambsquarter, Broomsedge, Dandelion and other weeds. Areas of use for APOCALYPSE include industrial plants, loading docks, parking lots, fence rows, buildings, storage yards, tank farms, railroad sidings, etc. *(EPA)
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Non-Selective Water Soluble Weed Killer
BLITZ is a non-selective liquid general herbicide which is designed to be used in areas where a total kill of all vegetation is desired. It produces rapid kill and long-term control of all succulent vegetation by translocation and root absorption. This concentrate is an effective general herbicide for use on non-cropland areas for control of many annual and perennial weeds and is particularly useful for control of perennial grasses. It is a water-soluble liquid that is designed to be mixed in water and applied as a spray. BLITZ may be applied undiluted for soil treatment of brush. It is recommended for use on non-crop areas such as railroads, highways, pipelines, tank farms, lumber yards, fence rows and parking lots. *(EPA)
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Spray Pattern Indicator & Pond, Lake, and Fountain Colorant
As a spray pattern indicator, DEEP BLUE SEE acts as a highly concentrated dye that may be used to mark agricultural spray solutions, thereby eliminating over-sprayed or under-sprayed areas. DEEP BLUE SEE also enhances the natural beauty of ponds, lakes, fountains and lagoons by giving them a beautiful blue-green shade. It is harmless to humans and wildlife, and it will not disrupt fishing, swimming or irrigation when used as directed and after the product is thoroughly dispersed. It may be used in conjunction with herbicides, fungicides, pesticides and fertilizers and nutrients. DEEP BLUE SEE may be used on golf courses, right of ways, cemeteries, parks, any turf or nursery applications, ponds, lakes, fountains and lagoons.
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Penetrating Soil Conditioner
LIBERATOR 100 is a wetting agent and 'spreader/sticker' that is used in conjunction with herbicides to improve their effectiveness. It makes water wetter and allows herbicides to more completely penetrate soil and plant surfaces. LIBERATOR 100 reduces watering, fertilizing and weeding and encourages deeper, more complex root systems, while producing healthier top growth. LIBERATOR 100 also binds dust and dirt particles, reducing dust when sprayed on application areas. This product may be used by parks, hotels and motels, athletic fields, golf courses, schools, cemeteries, industrial plants and office complexes.
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VOC Compliant Non-Selective Weed Killer
LIBERATOR 500 is a VOC compliant, ready-to-use solution designed to be applied undiluted as a spray on non-cropland areas where bare ground is desired. The degree of weed control and duration of effect will vary with the amount of product used, soil type, rainfall and other conditions. Apply any time of year except when the ground is frozen. Best results are obtained after predominant species are well established in late spring or early summer. Before treating, calibrate equipment to insure uniform coverage of area to be treated. Measure out the proper amount and apply. Coarse sprays are less likely to drift. More than two (2) broadcast applications per site per year are prohibited. Please allow for a minimum of 30 days between applications.
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Non-Selective Weed Killer
LIBERATOR 600 is a liquid non-selective weed killer designed to control all vegetation. It combines Bromacil (.98%), 2,4-D and aliphatic hydrocarbons to produce rapid top kill, as well as translocation and root absorption by vegetation. LIBERATOR 600 is applied undiluted to non-crop areas where bare ground is desired by highway departments, industrial plants, school districts, outdoor sign companies, airports, etc. *(EPA)
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Granular Weed Control
LIBERATOR 650 is a non-selective residual herbicide used to control a wide range of annual and perennial weeds and grasses in non-cropland areas. The application of 200 to 300 pounds of LIBERATOR 650 per acre usually results in a non-productive condition for a year or more. The dust-free, granular formulation is ideal for full-season control with county road departments, parks and recreation departments, schools, public buildings, industrial sites, golf courses, airports, etc. *(EPA)
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Non-Selective Contact Vegetation Killer
LIBERATOR 711 solves the problem of killing unwanted vegetation without the dangers of sterilizing the soil or killing surrounding growth. It kills on contact, but is neutralized with soil contact to virtually eliminate "migration kill". LIBERATOR 711 kills only the leaf it touches and will not leech under soil, so it may be used adjacent to desirable plants. Places of use include: aquatic weed control * both surface and sub-surface, in ponds, lakes and drainage ditches; general weed control in non-crop areas *(EPA)
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