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Dyna-Fog Hurricane

Product Details

Electric Portable Aerosol Applicator (ULV/Mister)The Dyna-Fog Hurricane is capable of dispensing disinfectants, deodorizers, germicides and insecticides.  It may be used in hospitals, restaurants, warehouses, nursing homes, schools, greenhouses and other institutions.  With an adjustable output of 0-4.5 gallons per hour, this versatile unit gives you the power to handle both large and small areas - wherever aerosol particle chemical treatment is needed.

Features include: 3 precision nozzles for greater output capacity; stainless steel metering valve which allows for easy control of output and droplet size; fill cap with tether; a translucent 1-gallon polyethylene tank which allows instant and easy chemical level indication; and an adjustable tilt-locking knob.

Item #: 9137