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Petroleum Hydrocarbon Degrader
Product Details
OIL-FOIL is specially formulated to break down hydrocarbon sludge in oil/water separators and to produce a cleaner effluent. The patented, live vegetative microbes contained in OIL-FOIL are capable of utilizing over ninety different organic compounds as their sole food source. These microbes work by attaching themselves to the hydrocarbon molecules in the oil/water separator, breaking the molecules down into carbon dioxide and water. OIL-FOIL's microbes reproduce themselves throughout the contaminated water, doubling and re-doubling their cell count until all of the available hydrocarbons have been consumed. The end result is water that previously was polluted with petroleum products is now "clean", with the majority of the hydrocarbon molecules converted to water and carbon dioxide. OIL-FOIL can reduce Chemical Oxygen Demand (C.O.D) by 97% and can reduce oil and grease (total petroleum hydrocarbons) by 75%, which should reduce the need for pumping up to 80%. OIL-FOIL is designed for use in oil/water separators, waste water holding tanks and drain lines.

Item #: 5116-10