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Woodman's Musk-Scented Metered-Mist Odor Neutralizer
Product Details
MOUNTAIN WOODS is a Woodman's Musk-scented metered-mist odor neutralizer that is designed to be used in ATCO's Auto Meter Dispenser. Its uniquely blended pure premium fragrance with odor counteractant eliminates odors and leaves the air fresh, without CFC's or ozone depleting substances.  Each can of ATCO's MOUNTAIN WOODS lasts for approximately 30 days when used on a 24-hour basis or 60 days if used 12 hours per day when set to dispense every 15 minutes. MOUNTAIN WOODS is ideal for use in office reception areas and conference rooms, hotel/motel lobbies, restaurant lounges, hospitals, clinics, restrooms, or wherever you wish to create a fresh and clean atmosphere.

Item #: 4680-DA

Technical Data
Appearance:Clear Mist
Fragrance:Woodman's Musk-Scented
Accessory Equipment:Auto Meter Dispenser #9001