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DE-SOLV - 12 -12 oz. Aerosol Cans

Engineer's Solvent & Degreaser
Product Details
ATCO's DE-SOLV Engineer's Solvent & Degreaser is a powerful blend of safe organic solvents especially designed to quickly remove and flush away grease, tar, oil and grime from all types of surfaces. DE-SOLV contains no chlorinated or fluorinated solvents, making it an ideal product to use in environmentally conscious situations or where other highly toxic products are not suitable. It has comparable solvency with petroleum distillates and chlorinated solvents and safely cleans metal, dies, molds, bricks and most plastics.  It has a 48,000 Volts Dielectric Strength, is non-conductive and has a pleasant citrus fragrance.

Item #: 2865-DA

Technical Data
Appearance:Clear Colorless Liquid