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CITRA-BURST - Case of 24 1-oz. Bead Bags

Citrus-Scented Air Freshener Bead Bags
Product Details
CITRA-BURST Citrus-Scented Air Freshener Bead Bags add a whole new dimension to air freshening. The latest technology fragrance beads are tucked neatly into a unique air-flow bag, providing a citrus-scented fragrance that is easy to use and clean up.  CITRABURST is ideal for use in heating and air vents to keep businesses and work areas fragrant and refreshed.  Use CITRA-BURST in a number of areas, including vacuum bags, restrooms, patient rooms, cars, trucks, pet areas and garbage areas.  CITRA-BURST provides a citrus fragrance anywhere odors are a problem.

Item #: 2529-CS

Technical Data
Appearance:Yellow Beads in a Plastic Mesh Bag