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Glow-N-Go - 6 16 oz BOTTLES PER CASE

Automotive Cleaner, Polish and Sealant
Product Details
GLOW-N-GO is the most effective hand applied automotive cleaner developed to date. It combines the best features of a fast-acting cleaner, a high-gloss polish and a durable environmental sealer in an easy-to-use product. Carefully chosen cleaners quickly strip away pollutants and surface dirt while the natural solvent, d-Limonene, provides the strength to remove tar, gasoline spills and insect remains. A specially incorporated polish gently removes surface oxidation to produce a showroom luster. Yet this product is safe for chrome, aluminum, fiberglass and t he clear coat finish of newer automobiles. Finally, a detergent-resistant, triple protection system binds to the finish to reduce the effect of weather while producing a long-lasting brilliance.

Item #: 3790-CS

Technical Data
Appearance:Opaque liquid