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Gasoline Additive
Product Details
VANGUARD is designed to neutralize harmful fuel acids as well as eliminate the damage caused by sulfur, gum, varnish and moisture in gasoline engines. During combustion, sulfur contained in fuels combines with oxygen and water to produce sulfuric acid which attacks liners, piston rings, bearings and other engine parts. VANGUARD's powerful ingredients bring about more complete combustion to reduce accumulations of harmful deposits in the firing chamber. Also, by neutralizing engine acids, gums and varnishes are prevented from separating out of the fuel, further reducing deposit buildups. Other advantages include cleaner and more complete combustion, increased mileage, cleaner injectors and carburetors, improved engine performance and lower maintenance costs. This product is widely used by trucking companies, auto depots, moving and storage companies, construction firms, municipal garages, boat yards and bus companies.

Item #: 7156