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Ashless Compressor Oil
Product Details
SUPERFILM ashless compressor oil is a multi-purpose lubricant with superior performance capabilities for reciprocating/rotary type air compressors that operate under normal to extreme load and temperature conditions. Full lubrication protection is provided by the combination of a high-quality, paraffinic petroleum base oil and selected additives. SUPERFILM utilizes very high viscosity index base oils. The performance of this product is further improved with the addition of high viscosity based oils, rust, oxidation and corrosion inhibitors, ashless anti-wear and anti-scuff agents, an anti-foam agent and a pour point depressant. Special additives in SUPERFILM eliminate foam which traps heat and causes compressors to run hot. This product also has excellent water separation qualities, as it resists mixing with water, even at high operating temperatures.

Item #: 6450