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Pure Stainless Steel Coating
Product Details
STEEL MAX is a high-leafing, pure 316L stainless steel coating with a strong urethane binder. Unlike paints, the metal pigment of STEEL MAX forms a super tough coating that resists abrasion, oxidation, moisture and harsh chemical corrosion. STEEL MAX is heat resistant up to 500-600°F. It is a non-porous coating; therefore, the metal beneath STEEL MAX is protected from damaging heat. STEEL MAX resists oxidation which can cause unsightly discoloration. It is an excellent product for outdoor and indoor use. STEEL MAX is used by industries, institutions, transportation, hotels and motels and anywhere protective coatings are required. It works well on radiators, steam pipes, fire hydrants, exhausts, mufflers, wire fences, boilers, water lines, grills, heat exchangers, tanks and chemical processing and production equipment.

Item #: 6365-DA