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All-Purpose Cleaner
Product Details
Planet Green All-Purpose Cleaner contains a biodegradable formulation that is based on a surfactant system with fast Dynamic Surface Tension, allowing for superior penetration and removal of oily/greasy soils. Containing no solvents, butyl, glycol ethers, with zero VOC's and low odor, this product is superior to most non-butyl degreasers on the market and works as well as butyl-based products in heavy-duty industrial applications. The surfactant system is derived from naturally occurring sources and has passed all the necessary testing for a Green Seal GS-37 standard. * ATCO's Planet Green All-Purpose Cleaner is excellent for use in food service, industrial, automotive and janitorial applications for cleaning equipment, tables, counter-tops, walls and many other surfaces. This product is also an excellent non-acid wheel cleaner. * EPA/Safer Choice recognition does not constitute endorsement of this product. The Safer Choice label signifies that the product's formula, as ATCO International has represented it to the EPA, contains ingredients with more positive human health and environmental characteristics than conventional products of the same type. EPA/Safer Choice relies solely on ATCO International, its integrity and good faith, for information on the product's composition, ingredients and attributes. EPA/Safer Choice has not independently identified, that is, via chemical analysis, the ingredients in the product formula, nor evaluated any of ATCO International's non-ingredient claims. EPA/Safer Choice provides its evaluation only as to the product's human health and environmental characteristics, as specified in the Safer Choice Standard and based on currently available information and scientific understanding.

Item #: 5291-DQ