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Premium, Multi-Grade Ashless Hydraulic Oil
Product Details
MULTI-HY is a polymer-fortified ashless hydraulic oil ideal for use in all hydraulic systems and turbines requiring premium grade oil. It is blended from premium multiple viscosity grade oils and is fortified with anti-wear, anti-rust and antioxidant stabilizers for long life protection of equipment. MULTI-HY is specially treated for maximum leakage resistance, as it remains fluid at sub-zero temperatures and maintains heavy viscosity at high temperatures. It has a special "anti-splatter" additive for splash resistance and slower "drip-off" rate under severe conditions and contains special anti-foam additives. MULTI-HY is recommended for ISO 32, 46, 68 and 100. It may be used in hydraulic systems found in heavy equipment such as earth moving equipment and tractors.

Item #: 4852