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Hanging Scented Air Freshener
Product Details
Morning Dew air fresheners freshen the air with 100% more fragrance than the typical air fresheners. They keep any area smelling cleaner, longer * 30-day performance. Morning Dew is ideal for use in hospitals, hotels/motels, restaurants, office buildings, restrooms, locker rooms, garbage areas, buses, work vehicles… wherever odors persist. It also works well in standard fan cabinets, paper towel cabinets, storage rooms, mop closets and even cut up in vacuum cleaners. Hang from a variety of objects like a stall door stop, toilet handle, etc. and comes with suction cups for more placement options. Morning Dew is VOC compliant and environmentally friendly.

Item #: 2906-DZ (MANGO)

Other Available Sizes: DOZEN, DOZEN, DOZEN

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