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Heavy-Duty, Non-Melt Grease
Product Details
IMPACT is a high-performance, heavy-duty grease that adheres to application areas at extremely high temperatures in excess of 550°F. Fortified with high-performance polymers, IMPACT clings to metal surfaces and coats them with an exclusive plating action. IMPACT's 65 Timken Load withstands high pressures and shock loads and is resistant to bleeding. Exclusive anti-wear additives provide exceptional, long-lasting performance, offers superior service for both high and low speed bearings up to 2,500 rpm and provides protection against rust, corrosion and wear. IMPACT is recommended for use in plain and anti-­friction bearings, sleeve bearings, universal joints, water pumps, wheel bearings, drive shafts, splines, chains, chassis, fifth wheels, king pins and disc brakes. It has the long-lasting stability required in mill, plant, mining, fleet and construction operations.

Item #: 4179-400

Other Available Sizes: CASE OF 50 TUBES,