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G-MAX - 120LB

Multi-Purpose, Extreme-Pressure Lithium Grease
Product Details
G-MAX adheres to metal against the strongest water-washing action. It will not breakdown and separate in the presence of water. G-MAX resists emulsifying and will not wash out of bearings. It was developed to withstand a 75 Timken OK load and to protect heavy-duty equipment and machinery that often operates under boundary conditions. G-MAX is stable to 525°F and contains special rust and corrosion inhibitors to fight this costly destroyer of equipment. It is a premium, extreme-pressure lubricant for ball and roller bearings, wheel bearings, universal joints, chassis or other areas where grease is subjected to heavy loads and extreme pressure for long periods of time.

Item #: 3727-120

Other Available Sizes: CASE OF 50 TUBES,