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High-Temperature Grease
Product Details
ALUBE-500 out lasts most conventional greases. Its active ingredient, moly, actually "plates out" on the metal surfaces to reduce friction and extend the lubrication cycle. It resists most acids, weather, dirt, water, steam and oxidation. ALUBE-500 performs at a wide variety of temperatures up to 550°F, and it has high shock and impact resistance. It has a 65 Timken Load and exceptional adhesive and cohesive properties, and it contains special corrosion and rust inhibitors. ALUBE-500 is recommended for use on plain and anti-friction bearings, sleeve bearings, universal joints, water pumps, drive shafts, splines and conveyors. It may be used by fleet operators, construction firms, mills and factories, industrial facilities, bottling plants, paper mills, asphalt plants, mining companies, port authorities, marinas and coal storage facilities.

Item #: 1309-C50