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Heavy-Duty Degreaser/Cleaner Concentrate
Product Details
ALL-PRO solves practically all cleaning jobs. ALL-PRO is formulated for the toughest grease, dirt, carbon deposits, grime, soot, inks, oil, blood, resins and other dirty conditions. ALL-PRO is the one product for all-purpose, general-purpose and special-purpose cleaning. Apply ALL-PRO with low pressure sprayers, high pressure equipment, steam cleaners, immersion systems or by hand. ALL-PRO dilutes anywhere from 1:10 parts water up to 1:180 parts water. ALL-PRO may be used by factories, trucking companies, schools, office buildings, industrial plants, highway departments, farm and road equipment maintenance operations, institutions, municipalities, printing plants and oil refineries.

Item #: 1319

Other Available Sizes: 4 -1 GAL CONTAINERS, 8 -1 GAL CONTAINERS,