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Non-Flammable Penetrating Oil
Product Details
CHAMP is a non-flammable aerosol that stops and prevents corrosion. It may be used to lubricate locks and hinges, snow removal equipment and refrigeration equipment. CHAMP may be applied to wet or dry surfaces. It loosens dirt, scale and other types of corrosion. CHAMP also frees nuts and bolts, stops corrosion on battery terminals and may be used on electrical panel boards, parking meters, home workshops and outboard motors. CHAMP lubricates all moving parts, and it never becomes dry, hard or brittle. CHAMP is recommended for use on airplanes, automotive vehicles, farm equipment, vending machines, laundry equipment, electrical equipment, motors and windings, controls, terminals, fuse and junction boxes, ignition systems, starter motors, distributor caps, spark plugs, alternators, multiple connections, switches and switch gears. It is ideal for use on materials such as steel, copper, aluminum, iron, brass, painted surfaces, bronze, plastics, ceramics, tools and machinery. (Not to be sold in Canada)

Item #: 2515-DA