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Cherry-Scented Metered Mist Odor Neutralizer
Product Details
VERY CHERRY Cherry-Scented Metered-Mist Odor Neutralizer can be used in ATCO's Auto Meter Dispenser, as well as most timed, automatic metering dispensers. These dispensers activate the special metered valve at predetermined intervals, releasing a spray of VERY CHERRY that stays suspended in the air longer for maximum odor control.  Upon release into the air, VERY CHERRY's unique cherry-scented odor counteractant immediately merges with and eliminates offensive odors while leaving behind a pleasant and refreshing atmosphere.  One can of VERY CHERRY adequately freshens a room of 6,000 cubic feet for 30 days.

Item #: 7190-DA

Technical Data
Appearance:Clear Mist
Fragrance:Cherry-Tree Scented
Accessory Equipment:Auto Meter Dispenser #9001