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BUCKET BUDDIES - Case of 6 Rolls - 250 8" x 6" Wipes/Roll

Industrial Cleaning Wipes
Product Details
ATCO's Bucket Buddies are a great solution for all of your workplace cleaning needs!  These dry industrial cleaning wipes allow you to build your own wet wipe system for non-porous surface sanitizing and disinfection, surface preparation, maintenance cleaning and countless other work-area applications. Just add your own sanitizer, disinfectant, solvent, cleaner or protectant to the roll of Bucket Buddies in ATCO's re-usable Bucket Buddies Dispenser. This build-your-own wiping system reduces chemicals spills,  reduces cost from using spray bottles and provides a more uniform application than shop towels and sprays. 

Item #: 2375-CS

Technical Data
Appearance:White Wipes
Accessory Equipment:Bucket Buddies Dispenser