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Berry-Scented Metered-Mist Odor Neutralizer
Product Details
BERIRAMA contains ultra fine particles, has no fall-out and leaves no residues when applied to textiles or carpets. This product contains no ozone depleters, in fact, it contains less than 30% total VOC content. The fragrances have been formulized to ensure superior olfactory notes and tones. A dual system quickly neutralizes malodors with industrial strength, including smoke, decay, urine, feces, solvent, vomit, cooking and animal odors. BERIRAMA is used in ATCO's Auto Meter Dispenser which sprays an ultra fine mist to effectively freshen rooms up to 6,000 cubic feet. Although versatile enough to use virtually anywhere, suggested uses of BERIRAMA include freshening bath and washrooms, showers and garbage receptacle areas, in hotels and motels, restaurants, hospitals, apartments, schools, nurseries, fitness centers, commercial and institutional buildings, animal clinics and nursing homes.

Item #: 2025-DA