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EPOXY 2.0 - One Part A Resin and Part B Hardener Per Kit

Structural Epoxy Adhesive
Product Details
ATCO's EPOXY 2.0 Structural Epoxy Adhesive comes packaged as a 2-part resin and hardener, and when mixed, is designed for bridging large gaps, cracks and holes on horizontal and vertical surfaces quickly and easily. EPOXY 2.0 bonds to almost any application area, including aluminum, steel, concrete, porcelain, wood and many other metals and surfaces.  It is resistant to chemicals, including most acids and bases, cures in 16 hours and can be machined, taped, drilled, sanded or painted once a full cure is achieved in 24 hours.

Item #: 3175-KT

Technical Data
Appearance:Dark Gray Paste When Mixed