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Bacterial Culture Drain Line Maintainer
Product Details
ZYME is a dry powder formulation consisting of aerobic and anaerobic bacterial cultures and associated enzymes. Regular use of ZYME increases a sewage system's efficiency and capacity. The formulated action of ZYME liquefies and digests fats, proteins and starches. With four hundred million bacteria per gram, it produces a natural bacteria reserve which stabilizes the system's water phase. ZYME is an important maintenance system component anywhere large amounts of food waste can create stoppages and odors in lines. It also helps accelerate the biodegradation rate of certain hydrocarbons and petroleum distillates such as oil, grease, diesel, gasoline, kerosene, mineral spirits and much more. ZYME is used for maintenance of drains, cesspools, grease traps, septic tanks and sewer lines.

Item #: 7700