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Fresh-Scented Metered-Mist Odor Neutralizer
Product Details
UTOPIA is formulated with a broad-range odor counteractant that stops unwanted odors and deodorizes the air in bathrooms, kitchens and other areas. It chemically neutralizes many types of odors, such as sulfides (from eggs, garlic and onions) amines (from fish) and pyridines (from tobacco smoke). UTOPIA's fine spray pattern keeps areas smelling fresh longer. UTOPIA is specially designed for use in ATCO's Auto Meter Dispenser which actuates automatically, releasing measured amounts of millions of tiny particles which remain suspended in air. Each can of UTOPIA contains approximately 3,400 metered mist sprays, effectively eliminating smoke, office, restroom, food and garbage odors.

Item #: 7110-DA