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NOVA/FIVE - 1 KIT (Each kit contains 1/2 GAL. Part A, 1/2 GAL. Part B and Aggregate)

Epoxy Patching Compound
Product Details
NOVA/FIVE is the latest technology in epoxy resin systems for patching and repairing hard surfaces. This material will stand up to brutal industrial conditions without chipping or wearing away. It will bond with miraculous strength and hold despite changes in temperature, constant impact or heavy abrasion. NOVA/FIVE bonds to almost any surface, including concrete, glass, wood, ceramic, and most metals, with a minimum of surface preparation. It may be used to repair concrete cracks and holes; join floors of unequal level and eliminate bumps; set concrete bolts and level machinery; provide anti-skid surface for stairs, ramps, floors and loading docks; re-surface badly damaged concrete and self-leveling floor topping; restore rotten wood; and saturate fiberglass cloth or mats for high-strength laminates. Once cured, NOVA/FIVE provides a surface stronger than the original. It will resist shock, abrasion, acids, caustics and solvents. New floors will require little or no maintenance, because the product cures to an extremely hard, non-porous surface. It is used by the following places of business: factories, hospitals, warehouses, truck terminals, parking garages, textile plants, animal care and storage facilities, sewage treatment plants or anywhere heavy-duty repair is needed.

Item #: 4973-KT