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Liquid Alive Bacterial Cleaner
Product Details
IT'S ALIVE liquid alive bacterial cleaner is a single product for total all-surface cleaning which eliminates the need for multiple cleaning and deodorizing products. It is a chemical blend of biodegradable cleaners and enzyme-producing bacteria that work together to safely dissolve and digest organic deposits that cause stains and odors. It pleasantly deodorizes as the natural biological action destroys organic wastes without acids or harsh caustics. IT'S ALIVE works great on carpet, upholstery, concrete, cinder blocks, porous surfaces, grout joints, painted surfaces, garbage cans and trucks, waste containers, mattresses and all water-safe textiles and hard surfaces. Ideal places of use for this product include animal shelters, athletic facilities, clinics, funeral homes, kennels, park and recreational facilities, apartment complexes, nursing homes, restaurants, schools, restrooms, dormitories, hospitals, prisons, laundries, office buildings and waste facilities.

Item #: 4189-DA