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Spray Pattern Indicator & Pond, Lake, and Fountain Colorant
Product Details
As a spray pattern indicator, DEEP BLUE SEE acts as a highly concentrated dye that may be used to mark agricultural spray solutions, thereby eliminating over-sprayed or under-sprayed areas. DEEP BLUE SEE also enhances the natural beauty of ponds, lakes, fountains and lagoons by giving them a beautiful blue-green shade. It is harmless to humans and wildlife, and it will not disrupt fishing, swimming or irrigation when used as directed and after the product is thoroughly dispersed. It may be used in conjunction with herbicides, fungicides, pesticides and fertilizers and nutrients. DEEP BLUE SEE may be used on golf courses, right of ways, cemeteries, parks, any turf or nursery applications, ponds, lakes, fountains and lagoons.

Item #: 2358-DQ